Haruka Kamijo

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Haruka Kamijo
Haruka Kamijo
  • Haruka Kamijo
Japaneseかみじょう はる
Base上城 大華
Furiganaかみじょう はるか
RōmajiKamijō Haruka
  • Female
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationConcert Band Club (president)
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary[1]
  • Duelist
DeckWIND Warrior
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 030: "In Battle, A Tiger's Breathing"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Saeko Kamijo
Kamijo, Haruka

Haruka Kamijo (かみじょう はる Kamijō Haruka), nicknamed Tiger (タイガー Taigā), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is Tatsuhisa Kamijo's older sister, and the president of the Concert Band Club at Goha 7th Elementary.



Full-body view of Tiger.

Like her brother, Tiger is tall with teal hair, but she has purple eyes instead of red and her hair is dyed lilac at the tips of her waist-length hair, while her skintone is also paler than Luke's. Tiger dresses more elegantly than her brother, wearing a pale yellow top with a pleated collar and closed cuffs, a pale brown corset that also supports her upper back, a long green skirt with a slit up the left side, a pale brown belt crossed over her right hip, pale brown lace-up heeled boots with black toes, and dark stockings. She also wears a small tasseled necklace with a red stone and carries a large silver bassoon.

Tiger has also been seen in a red Chinese-style gi with yellow lining, black cuffs, shoes and a belt, with her hair alternatively tied in a bun besides two long sidetails or in her usual style. In her youth, she also wore a more traditional white martial arts uniform with a black belt.


Tiger is generally short-tempered and loud, especially concerning her younger brother; she holds a low opinion of his intelligence and is angered by the general disuse of her nickname. However she also cares for him, asking him what his goals are and she was pleased to see him enjoying himself during his Rush Duel with Yuga Ohdo. She also tends to be quite dramatic like her brother. While Tiger is competitive, she is content with her defeat at Yuga's hands due to his ideals and clear goals and admits her confidence that he can fulfill them.

Tiger shows herself to be honorable, defending Yuga's Road Laboratory from Caterpillio Zomyoji and expressing distaste at his underhanded attempts to dismantle it. As a result she was furious when Asana Mutsuba apparently left her to search for a missing Luke on her own and renounced their friendship, vowing to defeat her in a Duel to force her to apologize. When Asana reveals the truth of what happened and apologizes of her own accord, Tiger accepts her apology and repairs their friendship, though they still maintain a freindly rivalry.

Tiger believes that breath is a core part of all martial arts, and as such she took up wind instruments to develop her breathing. She strikes up a fast rapport with Yuga over his similarities to her. Tiger also tries to use her breathing to calm herself down, though this does not always succeed.


Tiger speaks casually, but sometimes adds ん ("n") after verbs or expressions, giving her speech a rough edge, though she uses the feminine personal pronoun "atashi".



Haruka mastered many martial arts from a young age, arts that her brother Tatsuhisa could never defeat her in.[3] One day while she was practicing she was introduced to Asana Mutsuba, the heiress to Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, and they quickly became fast friends, spending every day together and having their first Goha Duels against one another. Tatsuhisa went missing on a snowy day, so Haruka and Asana went out to search for him and Asana suggested they split up in order to find him more quickly. Haruka eventually found Tatsuhisa in an abandoned house on their property and hurried to inform Asana, but she couldn't find her and came to the conclusion that Asana had gone home as soon as they split up, developing a grudge and rivalry against her former friend.[4] Eventually she began using the nickname of "Tiger". Tatsuhisa challenged her to a Duel one day, but he was defeated and Tiger asked him what he sought at the conclusion of his challenges, though Luke didn't have an answer for her.[3] During her third-grade years, Tiger also got to know Caterpillio Zomyoji of Goha 6th Elementary, though she had to remind him to call her "Tiger".[5][6]

Tiger came to the conclusion that breathing was the core of all martial arts, and she practiced on the outskirts of Goha City. One night as she practiced in a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt shattered a nearby mountain peak, revealing a lump of metal shaped like an instrument. Tiger blew into a protrusion on the side of the object, shattering the substrate from it to reveal a bassoon. Deciding that fate had brought her and the bassoon together, she joined the Concert Band Club at Goha 7th Elementary, eventually becoming its president.[5][3]

After Tatsuhisa started to use the nickname Luke, a new form of Dueling called "Rush Dueling" was created, and Tiger witnessed Luke Dueling the format's creator, Yuga Ohdo, at school the next day. She was pleased to see that Luke was enjoying himself, as she hadn't seen her brother like that in a long time.[3]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Tiger returned to the Concert Band Club one day to find Luke, Yuga, Romin Kirishima, Gakuto Sogetsu, Kaizo and Sebastian there and she angrily asked her little brother why he'd come, blowing him into the wall when he didn't call her by her nickname. Yuga explained that their Rush Duel Club had been accidentally entered into a Trumpet Duet Tournament thanks to Luke, and Tiger agreed to help them if they defeated her, offering them several martial arts weapons to combat her with. Yuga instead chose his Duel Disk, suggesting a Rush Duel. Tiger agreed, revealing to the Rush Duel Club that she had defeated Luke in their youth. Tiger started strongly with her three "Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maidens", which Yuga combated with his "Sevens Road Magician", a strategy that Tiger likened to her own and approved of. She brought out her ace, "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni" and attempted to reduce the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" with the effect of her "Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden", but she failed to send the required card to the Graveyard, allowing Yuga to survive her attacks. Tiger then asked Yuga what he wanted to see at the conclusion of his road, and Yuga replied that he wanted to see smiles (though Luke believed it was the King of Duels). Yuga was able to defeat Tiger with "Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings", and Tiger told him about how she had seen his Rush Duel with Luke and admitted that she was confident Yuga would be able to achieve his goal. After the Duel, Luke crowed that he'd finally beaten his sister, given that he'd defeated Yuga, but Tiger blew him into a wall again for not calling her by her nickname, before she began training the Rush Duel Club in wind instruments.[3]

After the so-called "Trumpet Duet Tournament", Luke, Yuga and their friends were forcibly transferred to Goha 6th Elementary. Tiger took it upon herself to keep watch over Yuga's Road Laboratory, rescuing Bakuro Shinjitsu, Masaru and Nico from Zomyoji by repelling his caterpillar track with her bassoon and challenging Zomyoji to a Rush Duel to decide whether he would be allowed to dismantle Yuga's lab. Although Tiger brought out "Ensemble Fighter" on her first turn, Zomyoji gained an early lead by debilitating her monsters with his "Beast Battlefield Barrier" Field Spell Card and forcing "Ensemble Fighter" to attack his high-DEF "Covered Hippo". After Zomyoji switched the ATK and DEF of his monsters with "Shield & Sword" in an attempt to defeat Tiger that turn, Tiger was forced to breathe deeply to calm herself and activate a Trap to barely survive the attack. On her next turn, Tiger was faced with the prospect of depleting all 4000 of Zomyoji's LP in one round, and she brought out "Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni", recalling how she had found her bassoon before strengthening "Bassoon Finger" with both its own effect and "One-Breath Piercing" enough to destroy Zomyoji's "Mega Elephant the Mobile Beast Cavalry" and defeat him. Despite her victory, Zomyoji still tried to destroy the Road Laboratory until Galient Tazaki dug his way out of the ground and ordered him to stop, explaining to Tiger that Zomyoji had acted without Asana's permission before leaving with Zomyoji. As the Newspaper Club finally tried interviewing Tiger after the Duel she noted this wasn't the true power of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club and urged Yuga and Luke to return as soon as they could.[5]

Tiger later saw Yuga and Asana's second Rush Duel from Goha 7th Elementary due to the light emitted by the clash of their Maximum Monsters. She urged Yuga to smile no matter the outcome and believed he would be able to save the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[7]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

After Luke assumed the position of Student Council vice president and abused his power by painting Goha 7th Elementary the color of his "Dragias the Striking Dragon", Tiger showed up to put him in his place, yelling him and his accomplice Kaizo into a wall after he forgot to use her nickname again.[8]

Tiger did not participate in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. She was training near Maximum Mountain with the Concert Band Club when she was approached by Kaizo, who wanted Tiger to beat up Yuga and his friends for mistreating him, but he suddenly left.[9] Tiger noticed something interesting was happening at Maximum Mountain and she decided to investigate, warning her fellow club members not to follow her. She found Asana, Zomyoji, Galient, Chevelle Kayama and Trapigeon facing off with the members of Goha 66, though she had to remind them to call her Tiger and yell her club members out of the mine. Asana told Tiger to leave, claiming their battle had nothing to do with her, though Tiger simply claimed she'd noticed something interesting and investigated it, before joining forces with the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to defend Asana from Goha 66.[6]

Tiger, Galient, Zomyoji and Trapigeon defeated all the members of Goha 66, and immediately afterwards Tiger challenged Asana to a Duel to settle their rivalry at last. Before they could clash, Luke, Romin, Gakuto, Menzaburo Oomori, Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi arrived with a captured Kaizo, who had joined Goha 66 and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal Goha 66's plan; to take over the Goha Corporation and the Dueling world by gaining control of the main Dueling server buried beneath Maximum Mountain.[9] Tiger was surprised to see her brother, who Asana finally remembered from their childhood, and she proceeded to yell everyone into submission who either tried to distract her from her Duel with Asana or who was whispering about it, intent on forcing Asana to apologize for abandoning her and Luke in their childhood. Tiger successfully fended off Asana's "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon" with "Ensemble Fighter" and "Defense Breath", then proceeded to bring out "Bassoon Finger" and power it up with "One-Breath Piercing", intending to defeat Asana in an OTK, but after she destroyed "Build Dragon" Asana was able to revive it in the window between Tiger's attacks, preventing the effect of "Ensemble Fighter" from stopping it. On her next turn Asana played her "The Snow-Capped Summit of Spectral Shangri-La" Field Spell Card, and the snowy landscape it created reminded Tiger of the snowy day where Asana had betrayed her. Asana told them what had happened that day and Tiger accused her of abandoning her. Asana used the effects of her Field Spell and "Build Dragon" to bring out two "Dracrush the Mythic Sword Demolition Dragons", but Tiger countered by using "Music Maiden Secret Technique - Triple Tiger" to increase the ATK of her monsters, vowing to make Asana apologize after she defeated her. To her surprise, Chevelle and Trapigeon interrupted the Duel and Chevelle revealed that Asana and her great-grandfather had been rescuing him and Trapigeon from the snow where they had been trapped. Tiger could only ask Asana in shock why she hadn't said anything and Asana admitted that she felt that she didn't deserve to make excuses as she'd left without saying anything, apologizing to Tiger and using her preferred nickname for the first time. Her anger abated, Tiger told Asana she could still call her Harucchi and they resumed their Duel. Asana activated "Mythic Sword Secret Technique - High Speed Demolition", reducing the high ATK of Tiger's monsters and increasing the ATK of her "Dracrush", allowing her to defeat Tiger. After the Duel Asana helped Tiger up and told her it was a fun Duel, Tiger vowing not to lose their next Duel. Luke then called her "Harucchi", so Tiger angrily yelled him into the wall, shattering the stone and revealing the supposed main server Goha 66 had been after, only for Kaizo to reveal that the server was too small to be the main server.[4]

Tiger, Asana, Galient, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji all attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gakuto's Duel against Nail, where Tiger was shocked by his new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", Gakuto eventually returned to his normal persona and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[10][11]


Tiger uses a Music Maiden Deck composed of WIND Warrior monsters based on martial arts equipment and wind instruments. Her Deck is described as efficient, and is capable of quickly assembling a field of high-Level monsters through precise manipulation of her own cards and ATK scores. As a weakness, her strategy holds little in terms of defensive cards.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 30 Win (flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 30 Lose
Caterpillio Zomyoji 35 Win
Multiple Goha 66 members 47 Win
Asana Mutsuba 48 Lose



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