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Mimi Atachi
Mimi Atachi
  • Mimi Atachi
RōmajiAtachi Mimi
  • Female
Favorite foodItalian cuisine[4]
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationGoha Corporation (Goha Library receptionist, previously CEO, previously Top of Hexagon)
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary (transfer student)
  • Duelist
DeckBubble Era[6]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 7: "The Transfer Student Is an Elementary Schooler?"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Rio Suzuki
Atachi, Mimi

Mimi Atachi (たちミミ Atachi Mimi) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is Number 6 among the "Top of Hexagon", the six executives of the Goha Corporation, and she is sent to Goha 7th Elementary undercover as a transfer student to investigate Rush Dueling. Mimi aspires to ascend to Goha's presidency.

Mimi is demoted for her failure to keep her fellow Tops in check when they attempted to fire Neiru Saionji.[7] However, she discovers President Goha after he collapses and becomes the new President after being chosen by the President Drone. She is evicted from her position after the return of the Goha Siblings.[8]



Full-body view of Mimi in her school clothes from the right, front, and back.

Mimi is thirty-seven years old, but she has the appearance of a preteen, referring to herself as the "eternal elementary school student". She is an extremely petite fair-skinned woman with pink eyes and auburn, shoulder-length hair, to the extent that even Yuga Ohdo is taller than her.

Full-body view of Mimi in her Goha Corporation uniform.

At the Goha Corporation, Mimi dresses in the identity-concealing garb that all Goha employees wear; a helmet emblazoned with the Goha Corporation logo that completely covers her face save her mouth, a white mini-dress lined with black and emblazoned over her heart with the Goha Corporation logo over light grey clothing, white gloves with black cuffs, and a darker grey cape.

Mimi wears stereotypical girls' clothing when she enters Goha 7th Elementary as a transfer student; a pale pink dress reaching to mid-thigh with a flared skirt, white lace at the neck and cuffs, buttons down the front, and a red bow tied at the back of her waist, in addition to white knee-length socks tied at the cuffs with pink ribbon, and red buckled shoes with thick heels. She wears a charcoal variant of this dress outside school and dons small glasses and binds her sleeves while working at Goha Library. When Mimi is conducting missions in secret, she wears dark clothing over her dress, including a concealing bandanna tied under her nose.

Outside of work and school, Mimi wears more normal clothes. When she visits a bar she wears a red dress and black heels, wearing a sign around her neck that states "I am an adult". At home, she wears a pink sweater and tan pants, and a white apron and scarf tied over her hair when cooking. In Yoshio's badly drawn recap, he depicts her with devil horns.

Mimi as "Advisor M".

When she takes on the identity of "Advisor M", Mimi conceals her identity behind a pale pink helmet with a heart-shaped faceplate with a dark red visor and a white frame. The helmet has a smaller white heart with a tan border nestled in the cleft of her faceplate over a darker pink stripe. She also wears a charcoal jumpsuit, a dark yellow scarf, a pale pink top white a white central stripe, collar and shoulder-pads, a darker pink skirt with pale pink side seconds, and pale pink boots and gloves with white cuffs.

Upper-body view of Mimi as President Goha, without the President Drone.

After she becomes the new President Goha, Mimi conceals her identity beneath the President Drone; a helmet with a design reminiscent of a samurai helmet, with the Goha Corporation logo emblazoned on the helmet's forehead and mouthpiece, hexagonal red eyepieces that turn blue when she is in complete vocal control, and silver horns in half-hexagonal shapes, a black mantle with a red stripe across the chest, and black clothing and white gloves underneath it. When falling under "Control Mode", her eyes turn red.


Mimi is dedicated to the ideals of the Goha Corporation, and any ideas against their control she immediately dismisses. She is hard-working as a result of the dismissal she is often subjected to due to her youthful appearance and eager to rise higher in the Goha Corporation, to the point that she can prioritize that desire over her objectives. Mimi also demonstrates little patience for Yoshio's interest in Rush Duels initially and threatens to stop making his favorite napolitan spaghetti if he brings up the topic again. She was reportedly horrified when Yoshio began dressing and acting like Good Max, believing that Rush Dueling had turned him into a delinquent. Mimi is so dedicated to these ideals that she assumes Yuga Ohdo must be a villain before she meets him and his genuine passion and innocence catch her off-guard to the point that she initially refuses Yuga's offer to lend her his notebook despite it being her objective, as she assumed he was tricking her. When she does acquire the notebook, Mimi accepts Yuga's offer was genuine, but worries that she acquired it in a cowardly manner.

Though she can be somewhat strict, Mimi ultimately has the best interests of those she cares about at heart. She allows Yoshio to Rush Duel despite her misgivings against it once she sees how he enjoys it, and when she sees Luke hesitate to help Romin Kirishima she encourages him to do so, as Romin is his friend, despite her actions. As President Goha she is happy to accept the idea of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, though concerned by the nature of the anonymous note sent to her. Throughout the tournament, Mimi rejects the traditional image of the President and engages with the audience and frantically denies any involvement with the uninstallation of Rush Dueling after it is revealed.

When undercover at school, Mimi projects a more cutesy manner to act more like a child. She claims to be interested in Rush Dueling, and disguises her true intentions behind this claimed interest. Despite this, she is a genuine fan of RoaRomin, waving in appreciation at Roa Kirishima and taking the opportunity to take a selfie with him when she confronts him over his claim of Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" card being illegal. Mimi also adores cats, fawning over the appearance of Schrödinger Nekoyama and his "Cat" monsters and she is disappointed when he is dropped down a trapdoor.

Despite her youthful appearance and mannerisms at times and her position in the high-tech Goha Corporation, Mimi herself is very old-fashioned; she still fondly reminisces the time of the Bubble Era as reflected in her Deck and she carries an old corded phone as part of her disguised school bag rather than a more modern smartphone, though it does contain some modern functions. She also gives gifts to Yuga and his friends that use older technology. Mimi also has a habit of monologuing either internally or externally without care for her surroundings.


「安」 can mean "stability​", "peacefulness", or "inexpensive"; 「立」 means "standing up". Together, the two characters can also be written as "Adachi", which is one character off from 「アダチル」 (adachiru), abbreviation for "adult child(ren)".



Mimi's youthful appearance caused her significant difficulties in her adulthood, as many people assumed her to be a child. Despite these issues, she eventually came to view this as an asset, and she swiftly rose through the ranks of the Goha Corporation to become one of the Tops of Hexagon, and even had a son, Yoshio.[4][5]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Duel Monsters rules known as "Rush Duels" were implanted into Goha Corporation's servers, and though the Goha Corporation worked to suppress them by deleting any videos and web pages that mentioned them, they could not eradicate the rules themselves and worried about how it had been installed on the server.[9] Much to her horror, Yoshio liked them and asked if he could use them, and Mimi harshly warned her son not to, telling him they brought chaos and confusion to the world and warning him that if he brought the topic up again she wouldn't make him napolitan spaghetti. Yoshio began dressing as Good Max, and Mimi feared that her son had become a delinquent due to Rush Dueling.[5]

New information came to the Tops of Hexagon's attention that Yuga Ohdo had created Rush Dueling and a notebook said to contain the secrets of Rush Dueling was spotted in his possession on the cover of the Goha 7th Elementary Newspaper. Mimi offered to go undercover at Goha 7th to obtain the notebook, reassuring her fellow Tops that everything would be fine.[4]

Mimi meets Yuga Ohdo.

Mimi also researched Yuga's friends, Romin Kirishima, Gakuto Sogetsu and Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo in preparation to befriend them, and she transferred to Yuga and Romin's class at Goha 7th Elementary, quickly gaining Yuga's trust with her claim of liking Rush Dueling. As she reported her progress to Goha Corp, she reflected that Yuga hadn't seemed villainous like she thought he would and she reflected that he reminded her of Yoshio. She approached Yuga and his friends after school, but Yuga's friends were suspicious of her, forcing Mimi to gain their trust with gifts, though Yuga declined his. Yuga took Mimi to his Road Laboratory and showed off his other "Roads", including Kaizo, a Goha Corporation Drone he had modified. Mimi spotted Yuga's notebook, but Yoshio called her and she irritably replied using her phone-bag, inadvertently revealing it to the children, and Mimi quickly fled, claiming her favorite fashion drama was on. She returned that night to steal Yuga's notebook, but Romin had anticipated her moves and she and the other children revealed their presence. Mimi claimed she had simply wanted to learn more about Rush Dueling, prompting Yuga to offer her the notebook. Mimi was suspicious of Yuga's motives, and fearing he was trying to trap her, she refused the notebook, eventually suggesting a Rush Duel with Yuga over the notebook; if Yuga won, he would give it to her, but if Mimi won, they would forget the whole affair. Mimi brought out several monsters and increased her LP on her first turn, but Yuga depleted most of her LP with "Sevens Road Magician" and "Piercing!". Fortunately, Mimi was able to draw and Tribute Summon "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" and destroy "Sevens Road", but when she tried to attack directly, Yuga destroyed all of her monsters with "Dark Liberation". Yuga Tribute Summoned "Brave of Dawn, Lydacross" on his next turn, allowing Mimi to revive "Dian Keto" with "Mirror Ball", but Yuga Summoned two other monsters and increased the ATK of "Lydacross", despite Mimi's claims her monsters' beauty would endure. Mimi was defeated, and as he had promised, Yuga gave his notebook to Mimi, claiming she would like Rush Dueling even more after reading it. Mimi realized that Yuga's offer had been genuine, and agonized over whether to keep the notebook or not, but eventually decided to turn it in. Unfortunately for Mimi, the notebook contained only Yuga's childish designs and no concrete information, though her fellow Tops took it seriously.[4]

Mimi making dinner for Yoshio.

Mimi returned to Goha 7th the next day, spying on Yuga and vowing to someday defeat him and uninstall Rush Dueling.[4] She spied on Yuga, Kaizo, Gakuto and Luke in an underground chamber, declaring that she would find his weakness and fantasizing about climbing the ladder at Goha Corporation. She didn't realize that Yuga and his friends had left the chamber for a while and she frantically looked for them, spotting a Field Spell Card active across the street. To her shock, Yoshio was Dueling Luke within it. Yoshio was defeated by Luke, but Mimi noted that her son had seemed to enjoy himself despite the loss. She decided to allow Yoshio to Rush Duel, and began making his favorite napolitan spaghetti for dinner that night. When Yoshio returned home, having shed his Good Max suit, he told Mimi that Rush Dueling was really fun, and Mimi told him that he'd have to make sure he kept up his studies as well, welcoming her son home and serving him his dinner.[5]

Mimi questions Roa's claim of "Sevens Road Magician" being illegal.

RoaRomin had a concert at the Seven Hells Hall that Mimi attended, though she was displeased to see Yuga and his friends in the VIP area and she squeezed through the crowd to join them. As she cheered over Roa Kirishima's appearance, Roa proposed a Duel between him and Yuga for the rights to Rush Dueling, a prospect that Mimi was apprehensive of as it would make RoaRomin more popular, and their concert tickets more difficult to obtain. Roa suggested a three-vs.-three team Duel, with Luke Dueling Ushiro Omaeno, RoaRomin's bassist, and his name (Japanese for "Behind you!") initially confused Mimi until she and Kaizo looked it up in the band's guide.[10] Luke defeated Ushiro, and Gakuto Dueled next, facing Romin. Mimi was quite surprised to learn that Romin had been spying on Yuga and his friends. As the Duel progressed, Menzaburo Oomori, an apparent friend of Yuga's arrived to cater for the concert, confusing Mimi. The food sent Romin into a crazed state, which Roa explained was due to her hunger, and she defeated Gakuto, leaving Roa to face Yuga.[11] During Roa's first turn, he used stage tricks to enhance his presence, much to Mimi's exasperation. During the Duel, after Yuga used the same combo he defeated Mimi with, Roa asked Yuga where he got "Sevens Road Magician", and Yuga revealed he had been given the card at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament by a Duelist who had been disqualified. Roa suggested the Duelist had been disqualified due to "Sevens Road Magician" being an illegal card, sending Mimi into a panic, as she didn't know what to do regarding the legality of a card. Nevertheless, she donned her Goha regalia and interrupted the Duel. After taking a selfie with Roa and deflecting Gakuto's suggestion that they had met her before, she asked Roa the basis of his claim. Roa suggested Mimi look up the card herself, and Mimi did so, but was unable to find any information on "Sevens Road Magician", which Roa suggested to be a flaw of the Duel Disks. Mimi was incensed at the insinuation that the Goha Duel Disks were flawed, but then received a call from Goha Corp explaining that many people were searching for the information on "Sevens Road Magician" but finding nothing. Roa then noted that "Sevens Road Magician" would be treated as a Forbidden card under Goha Duel Rule No. 66, Article 6, and President Goha himself then rang Mimi and reminded her about Rule 66, Article 66; a Duel with a Forbidden card could continue until the card was drawn, at which point Yuga would be disqualified. Luke then rallied Yuga's friends to look for information on "Sevens Road Magician", impressing Mimi. She returned to her seat when the Duel continued, watching as Roa forced Yuga to draw more cards in hopes of drawing out "Sevens Road Magician".[1] Yuga eventually drew "Sevens Road Magician", but then a Relic emerged from the ground and projected the Duelist that had given the card to Yuga, Otes. To Mimi's shock, Yoshio then arrived in his Good Max costume with Goha 7th Elementary's Newspaper Club, and they confirmed that Otes was in fact a Goha employee who had been disqualified as they were not permitted to enter the tournaments. Otes claimed the card was legal, and Mimi searched its info again, finding that Otes was correct; Roa had been blocking the card data on the net. Despite Roa's tactics, Yuga still wanted to continue the Duel, wagering the title of King of Duels on the match, impressing Mimi with his capacity to open the hearts of his enemies. Mimi was shocked by Roa's strength when he Dueled for real, though Yuga managed to win the Duel. After the Duel, Mimi alerted Goha Corporation and led an effort to take possession of the Relic, but it sunk into the ground, escaping their capture.[12]


Mimi and Luke watch Romin Dueling Arata Arai.

Mimi went to the A.I. Restaurant to attend a get-together for the Tops of Hexagon, only to run into Luke, Yuga, Romin and Gakuto. They asked for Mimi's help to get into the restaurant, as Yuga, Romin and Gakuto had previously been disallowed from entrance, and Mimi agreed to help them, while plotting to hopefully pursue information about Otes and the Relic. Mimi claimed she often came to the restaurant with her parents, but she had to quickly silence a Goha Corporation Drone when it arrived to tell her about the get-together until the pretense of going to the bathroom. She contacted the Goha Corporation to inform them she would be absent from the get-together due to Yuga's presence and explained her goal, but when she returned to their table, she found the kids gone. Luke eventually returned with no idea where the others were either, so they searched the restaurant for them. They eventually found them in the dishwasher's room, where Romin was Rush Dueling Arata Arai. Mimi encouraged Luke to step in, as his friends were in the situation due to his fault. To Mimi's shock, Yuga accused Arai of cheating using a function in his Duel Disk, something Mimi didn't believe possible due to the functions of Goha-produced Duel Disks. Luke hesitated to step in, calling Romin a traitorous spy, though Mimi told him Romin was a friend who loved Rush Dueling as much as they did. This inspired Luke to use his "Luke Devil" power to deactivate the cheating function of Arai's Duel Disk, though Arai was still able to retrieve his "White Foam - Bleach Motor" Spell Card even without cheating. Luke began to gloat over how he'd helped Romin, much to Mimi's disapproval, driving Romin into a rage and she defeated Arai in a single turn. After the Duel, Mimi noted that Romin had been crying, wanting to express her happiness at Luke's aid. She then accompanied them to a door where Kaizo had apparently passed through, where they met Neiru Saionji.[13]

Mimi was shocked to learn that Neiru was the programming genius she'd heard about at Goha Corporation. Neiru challenged Yuga and his friends to retrieve the data of Kaizo from him by defeating the Duelists in the Garden of Providence, and the first Duelist they found was Schrödinger Nekoyama. Mimi was appreciative of Nekoyama's cat-shaped headpiece and "Cat" monsters, but was shocked to see Luke, Nekoyama's opponent, getting so worked up during the Duel due to having to guess the top card of his Deck thanks to Nekoyama's card effects. Luke was eventually able to see the top cards of his Deck with his "Thrustrike Dragon Bunker Strike", but then forgot the order, much to Mimi's exasperation, though he was able to guess his top card correctly and defeat Nekoyama. Mimi applauded his victory, but was shocked when Neiru dropped the defeated Nekoyama down a trapdoor. Neiru then showed them out of the Garden of Providence, telling them to return the next day.[14]

The next day, Mimi spied on Yuga, Luke, Gakuto and Romin from the roof of the Road Laboratory, worried that Neiru's success would jeopardize her position at the Goha Corporation. She followed them to the Hologram Man's chamber, but when she entered the chamber to spy on them, she found that all four of the kids had vanished.[15] She continued to worry that her position would be jeopardized one day at home, further compounded by having to avoid Yoshio at school that day, and she learned that Yoshio didn't know what he wanted to do when he grew up. Worried that Yoshio's indecision was due to Mimi herself not making her dreams clear, and recognizing that she was becoming accustomed to hanging around with Yuga and his friends, she was inspired to directly ask Neiru to allow her to Duel Yuga. Neiru agreed to her request, but warned her not to regret her decision.[6]

Mimi's identity is revealed.

However, when Neiru brought Yuga and his friends to Duel Mimi in the Garden of Providence, Yoshio was dragged in as well and won the game of Rock-paper-scissors the kids used to decide who would Duel Mimi, much to her horror. Though Yoshio didn't know her identity, Mimi regardless resolved to defeat him for his own sake. She used her usual strategy to quickly Summon defensive monsters and increase her LP, and was able to destroy her son's "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World" with "Jewelry Trap Hole", but he revived "Catapult Devilkong" with the ability to inflict piercing battle damage and destroyed all of her monsters. On her next turn, Mimi used her "Assi-Sea Horses" to recover her resources, before bringing out "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" and her own Field Spell Card, "The Enchanted Nightless City". She destroyed all of Yoshio's monsters and reduced him to 100 LP, telling him to surrender, but Yoshio refused to do so, claiming that he wanted to find his dreams in the Duel and grow up to be strong like his mother, who had big dreams of her own. He brought out "King Convoy Ligeon, Conqueror of the Beast Gear World" and used its powerful effects to defeat Mimi, but passed out after the Duel. Although Luke tried to catch Yoshio, Mimi sprang into action and shoved him out of the way, catching her son herself, and her helmet then split open, revealing her identity to them (though Yuga, Gakuto and Romin had already deduced it). Mimi revealed that she was Yoshio's mother and a Top of Hexagon, but they all then received a penalty on their Duel Disks. Neiru explained that the system had judged Mimi to be one of Yuga's friends, and all of Yuga's friends would be penalized as a result, though Yuga believed Neiru hadn't done so maliciously. Afterwards, Mimi took Yoshio home, admitting to Yuga and his friends that she had been happy to be called their friend, but could not abandon her duties as a Goha employee. She gave Luke a coupon for the A.I. Restaurant to apologize for her deception before leaving with Yoshio, asking them not to reveal her identity to her son.[6]

Mimi refuses to help the other Tops of Hexagon exile Neiru.

The next day, Yoshio read his essay to Mimi before school.[6] Yuga also explained the situation to Yoshio, with Mimi watching to make sure he didn't divulge her identity to her son. Mimi decided to secretly assist Yuga and his friends, taking on the identity "Advisor M" and waiting for them in the Garden of Providence beneath the Road Laboratory. When Yuga and his friends were dropped into the Garden again, Menzaburo was also dropped in and he threw chopsticks at Mimi after hearing her moving in the shadows. Mimi introduced herself to them and revealed that they would have to find the Gate of Providence to find Neiru's haven before departing.[2] The Tops of Hexagon called an emergency meeting over Neiru's actions and suggested removing him from his position to take over his duties, though Mimi was the only one to vote against the decision and she went to the roof of the Goha Corporation to reflect on her fellow Tops' cowardly actions while they went to Neiru's haven to inform him of his dismissal.[16] Afterwards, Mimi received four more penalties on her Duel Disk.[17] Mimi later witnessed Yuga Dueling Neiru atop the Goha Corporation Main Office with their Maximum Monsters, and she noted that the use of Maximum in a Rush Duel was a metamorphosis of Dueling not seen since its first inception. Mimi (as Advisor M) supported Yuga as he Maximum Summoned "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road" for the second time. Yuga won the Duel, resulting in Neiru erasing Mimi's penalties from her Duel Disk.[18]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Mimi and the other Tops of Hexagon met with President Goha to discuss Neiru's actions. The other Tops accused Neiru of betraying them and suggested firing them, a course of action that Mimi once again found distasteful, but Neiru interrupted them, claiming that he was not recognizing the legitimacy of Rush Dueling, only their potential. President Goha then declared that Rush Dueling was an enemy of the Goha Corporation and they should all be dedicated to crushing it.[19]

Mimi puts on the President Drone, becoming the new President Goha.

Mimi continued to attend Goha 7th Elementary to spy on Yuga and his friends, eavesdropping on them outside the Rush Duel Clubroom as they planned to go on a Rush Duel Training Camp to prepare for the Rush Duel Tournament. Knowing that they would need an advisor, Mimi requested that Neiru help provide them one. The other Tops of Hexagon were all demoted for their actions against Neiru, and Mimi celebrated their failure, only to be informed by a Goha Corporation Drone that she had been demoted as well for failing to keep her fellow Tops in line. Mimi angrily went to complain to President Goha, but found him collapsed in his office.[7] To her shock, Goha's helmet detached itself from him and claimed to be the President Drone intended to assist the President, who had become burdened from the stress of being the Goha Corporation's president. The President Drone offered the position to Mimi, claiming that she had presidential capabilities and Mimi leapt at the chance, putting on the President Drone and falling under its influence.[3]

Goha's secretary came to Mimi's office a few days later and informed her that Yuga and his friends had been successfully transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, an initiative Mimi had known nothing about. Mimi was forced to simply laugh to maintain her identity, wondering just what her secretary had meant.[3] Mimi soon came to regard the responsibility of being President Goha more boring than anything and wondered if Yuga and his friends were doing all right at Goha 6th Elementary. She was then rung by Asana Mutsuba, the president of Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club who had been tasked by President Goha with crushing Rush Dueling, and the President Drone chastised Asana for her naivety in thinking that surveillance could stop Rush Dueling. After Asana promised to crush Rush Dueling, Mimi asked the President Drone what it meant, but received no answer other than chuckling.[20]

During Yuga and Asana's second Rush Duel that would result in the banning of Rush Duels at elementary schools in Goha City if Yuga lost, Mimi learned from the President Drone that Mutsuba Heavy Machinery had been absorbed into the Goha Corporation and the production of Heavy Cavalry parts had been ceased despite repeated requests from Asana. The President Drone had brokered a deal with Asana to crush Rush Dueling, and Mimi found herself empathizing with Asana given her desire to remain young, though she had to conceal her exuberant dancing from her secretary. As the Duel came to its climax, Mimi noted that one of the participants would lose something important no matter the winner. However, Yuga not only defeated Asana, thereby preserving Rush Dueling, but also convinced the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to begin modifying their equipment, prompting the President Drone to declare that they needed to take immediate action.[21]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

With the failure of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, the reputation of the Goha Corporation itself was at stake. Many Goha executives gathered to suggest options to deal with Rush Duels, but Mimi was unimpressed by them, including their attempts to promote Goha Duels with Princess G. Princess G herself admitted she liked Rush Duels and believed the children of the city should be allowed to enjoy them, resulting in her firing. Despite her role as President Goha, Mimi also continued to attend Goha 7th Elementary and she was present when student teacher Gibumi Purisaki introduced herself. Mimi quickly deduced that Gibumi was really Princess G, and they adjorned to a room next to where Romin was Rush Dueling Yuga, intending to quit after she won due to Princess G's firing. As the watched the Duel through a Goha Corporation Drone, Gibumi admitted to Mimi that she had been wondering who received her "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" card and Mimi asked if she intended to talk to Romin, though Gibumi admitted she wasn't sure what to say. Gibumi began to play a melody on the piano, inspiring Romin to play "CAN:D", a card that Mimi realized Gibumi had also given Romin. After the Duel, Mimi accompanied Gibumi to the school entrance and they bid each other farewell, with Gibumi intending to continue her music without the Goha Corporation.[22]

As Rush Duels continued to increase in popularity, the reputation of the Goha Corporation continued to be affected. Mimi herself didn't mind Rush Duels growing in popularity, but was concerned for her company, only to receive a business proposal. Though Mimi was dismissive of it at first due to its childish presentation, she was shocked by the contents; instead of eliminating Rush Dueling, the company should embrace and claim ownership of it through promotion of a Rush Duel Tournament which would be called the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. The tournament would also crown the winner "King of Duels.[23][24] Mimi participated in arranging the rewards for the tournament, handmaking paper crowns for the winning team.[25]

As the business proposal had been anonymous, Mimi and the President Drone presented the plan to the rest of the company as though it was their idea, while discreetly trying to probe the company's employees to discover who had sent the proposal. After her secretary left to get her some takeout on the opening day of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal at Goha Stadium, Mimi and the President Drone discussed who might have sent the proposal; Mimi came to the conclusion that it could have been Yuga given the proposal's similarity to his Rush Duel notebook, who showed up with Romin and Gakuto immediately afterwards, recognizing Mimi due to her short stature but mistaking her robes as cosplay for tournament mascot Goha-kun. Mimi took the opportunity to ask Yuga if the tournament had been his idea, but Yuga admitted that it hadn't been, while Mimi had inadvertently revealed that the tournament hadn't been Goha's idea and she jammed the President Drone back on backwards in a panic. Fortunately, Luke showed up to take Romin and Gakuto to registration. Soon after Otes was arrested, having challenged Yuga to a Duel to convince him to take part in the tournament, and he was imprisoned so the company could determine his true identity, as he was known to have been a Goha employee.[24]

Mimi made an appearance at the opening ceremonies of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but was annoyed when she was only able to laugh Goha's signature chuckle and told the President Drone to let her speak freely so that she could make an actual speech. Once she had complete control, Mimi cheerfully engaged with the crowd and stoked their mood for the tournament. To her initial confusion and later her joy, Roa, Getta and Ushiro interrupted her speech and Roa challenged her to a Duel, a challenge that Mimi eagerly accepted on the condition that Roa provide her with a complimentary RoaRomin ticket and a special VIP backstage pass with Roa if she won. Roa requested to be able to talk with Otes if he won, a stipulation that the President Drone told Mimi they should not allow, though Mimi was still set on Dueling Roa and the President Drone eventually agreed to the Duel. Mimi's new Deck proved to be significantly effective against Roa's Tribute-centered strategy, though the President Drone criticized her plays for unnecessarily prolonging the Duel. After she sent Roa's "Royal Demon's Heavymetal" from Roa's hand to the Graveyard with the effect of "Dian Keto the Prison Master", the President Drone ordered her to Tribute Summon "Vice Jacker", a card Mimi had never put in her Deck. Mimi refused as she had wanted to Duel on her own, but to her shock the President Drone took control of her body and Tribute Summoned "Vice Jacker", using its effect to allow "Dian Keto" to attack twice and horrifying Mimi with the treatment of her favorite monster. Before she could protest further, the President Drone took complete control of her, causing her to fall into a trance. Roa eventually won the Duel, and as Mimi recovered from the President Drone's control of her body, she fell off her platform, though fortunately she was caught by none other than Yoshio in his Good Max cosplay.[26]

On the second day of the tournament, Mimi became aware of the actions of Goha 66, using a Goha Corporation Drone to spy on their efforts to find the Goha Duel Server within Maximum Mountain while she was in the bathroom. She noticed that the leader of Goha 66 had been given a note similar to the business proposal that she had received. Mimi and her staff attended the finals of the tournament the next day between Yuga, Neiru and Roa's Team YugaNeiru with R and Luke, Romin and Gakuto's Team Lukeking Lukekings and she was overjoyed when Roa participated in the first Duel against Romin. She was concerned for Roa as Romin pushed him into a corner, but overjoyed when Getta and Ushiro returned to support him, despite having forgotten their names, likening the Duel to a RoaRomin concert. Romin eventually won the Rush Duel, putting her team on equal points with Roa's, but despite Roa's loss Mimi had still enjoyed the Duel and called it a magnificent concert.[25] However she was less impressed by Gakuto's Duel with Neiru, where Gakuto had undertaken a new-rapper themed persona he dubbed "Gakuting" and was swiftly pushed into a corner by Neiru's "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree". During the Duel the power went out in the arena, much to Mimi's embarrassment, but it soon returned and Gakuto returned to his normal persona and dress as well, putting up a valiant fight against Neiru but ultimately ending the Duel in a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to Duel in the final match.[27]

Before the Duel Mimi ordered her staff to find who wrote the business proposal, knowing they had to be up to something. She re-entered the arena just in time for the beginning of Yuga and Luke's Duel, watching with her staff and was shocked by how evenly matched Yuga and Luke were. To her shock the holograms of the monsters began to flicker as the power failed again and Roa revealed that the Goha Duel Server was being hacked. Incensed by a hacker taking on the Goha Corporation Mimi ordered Neiru to have the server shut down to stop unauthorized access, but none of her staff or Mimi herself knew the server's location. Goha 5th Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron then revealed the server was carved into the surface of the moon, a process Mimi likened to a gramophone record, and it was revealed the Rush Duel Program was carved into the moon in the form of a giant robot, which was being eroded by Goha Corporation Drones in an effort to uninstall Rush Dueling.[28] As the crowd began to wonder whether Goha had set up the tournament to uninstall Rush Dueling, Mimi frantically tried to assure them it was Otes' doing and ordered her staff to find him. Her troopers soon detected a power spike underground, and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club destroyed Otes' Relic, though this failed to stop the uninstallation. To Mimi's shock Yuga and Luke decided to continue their Duel even though it would complete the uninstallation of Rush Dueling and she begged them not to, to no avail. After an intense Duel, Luke eventually defeated Yuga, and Mimi could only look around in shock as the crowd cheered for them despite the uninstallation of Rush Dueling. However Yuga had been able to reinstall Rush Dueling into a stronger Super Rush Robot that couldn't be destroyed by the Drones. Afterwards Mimi crowned Luke as King of Duels, though Gakuto and Romin declined the title as they didn't like being associated with a tournament Otes had set up to destroy Rush Dueling.[29][30]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Following the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal rumors began spreading that the Goha Corporation had been behind the attempted uninstallation of Rush Duels, and after meeting with Goha's secretary Mimi offhandedly wondered if they should make her image into something more popular with children. The President Drone took her to the underground wardrobe to show her more helmets, but she was unimpressed by its suggestions.[30]

Mimi eventually tired of her workload as president, realizing why her predecessor had fallen unconscious and admitting she couldn't continue. The President Drone promptly declared she would be replaced, and to Mimi's shock a spaceship returned to Goha City that contained the true presidents of Goha, the six Goha Siblings. The Goha Siblings had fitted the Super Rush Robot with Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would break it apart unless Yuga defeated them, while Yuga would become a Goha employee if his group lost six times. Yuga was able to defeat the eldest sibling, Yuro Goha, in a Turbo Rush Duel, and after the Duel Yuro's brother Yuo suggested he should step down as president for his loss. Mimi protested the siblings couldn't just do as they pleased, but was warned by the President Drone that she was no longer the president and had no place to speak.[8] Having been officially demoted, Mimi sadly collected her belongings and left her office, lamenting the Goha Siblings coming back after messing around in space.[31]

Mimi was demoted to work at the Goha Library as a receptionist.[32] She decided to aid Yuga and his friends against the Goha Siblings, visiting Yuga, Romin, Gakuto and Guruguru at Goha 7th Elementary after they had defeated both Yuro and Yujin Goha, but lost twice to the Goha Siblings Yuka and Yuran, in the guise of Advisor M. To her embarrassment, Yuga almost revealed her identity to Guruguru, but was able to cover for her. Mimi used an overhead projector to present their next likely opponent; Yuo, the youngest and strongest of the Goha Siblings. To their shock they heard Luke screaming in the corridors and found an army of puppets that Yuro ran down and explained had been sent by Yuo, who descended from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to Rush Duel Yuga. Mimi watched the Rush Duel with Romin, Gakuto, Guruguru and Yuro, entranced by Yuo's "Gyakutenno Megami" and admitting she wanted one. Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" and Mimi believed he had the Duel won, but to her shock "Vast Vulcan" began to disappear due to the arm that contained its program falling off the Super Rush Robot. Mimi was impressed by the robot reattaching its arm of its own accord and restoring the program, allowing Yuga to attack successfully, though he failed to defeat Yuo. To Mimi's shock, Yuo proceeded to mock Yuga's efforts and used "Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Metallion Asurastar", something Mimi angrily asked if Yuro had known about, though he claimed he hadn't. The effect of "Metallion Asurastar" allowed it to gain the ATK of "Vast Vulcan" and defeat Yuga.[33]

The next day Gakuto decided to hold a meeting with the Goha 6th Elementary Student Council to combat Fusion Summoning, so Mimi offered to host them at the A.I. Restaurant with her employee benefits, However, as she was only a library receptionist her benefits didn't cover the two Student Councils' meals, so she was put to work washing dishes under Arai to pay for them. As she cleaned Mimi noted Arai hadn't been thorough with his washing and proceeded to completely show him up, then force him to rewash his dishes.[32]

The following day Mimi lamented her situation at work and exuberantly vowed to climb back up the ranks again, only to be shushed by her Drone boss and ordered to return some books. As she did so she heard Guruguru reading a book with a tale containing similar wording to the summon chant of "Sevens Road Magician" and concluded Otes had created the "Sevens Road" monsters after reading the book. She tried to take it from Guruguru, hoping to use it to gain favor with the Goha Siblings, but he refused despite Mimi offering him telephone cards as he wanted to help Yuga, so Mimi instead challenged him to a Rush Duel, taking Guruguru to borrow a rental Deck from the library. As they Dueled, they were shushed by the other readers, so they had issues hearing one another as they tried to be quiet. Guruguru eventually Tribute Summoned "Dark Magician", and Mimi was shocked the library's Deck had such an amazing card and worried she would lose after Guruguru destroyed "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" with "Thousand Knives". Fortunately for her Guruguru also Summoned "Dark Magician Girl" as he didn't want to say goodbye to her, allowing Mimi to return "Dian Keto" to the field with "Mirror Ball" and strengthen her with "The Enchanted Nightless City", and she celebrated with the other readers at the library that had begun watching the Rush Duel. To Mimi's shock Guruguru destroyed "The Enchanted Nightless City" with "Dark Magic Attack" and crashed "Dian Keto" with "Dark Magician", powering up "Dark Magician Girl" enough to defeat Mimi, who could only lament Guruguru dedicating his win to his monster when he had been fighting for Yuga and his friends. After the Duel their spectators returned to their books and Guruguru offered to read "SEVENS" with Mimi, but to their shock they found some pages had been torn out. They went to the Road Laboratory with the book that evening to show Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gakuto the missing pages between the magician in the book gathering the "Sevens" and their apparent deaths, which gave Yuga an idea.[34]


Bubble Era[edit]

Mimi uses a Bubble Era Deck, composed of LIGHT Aqua monsters. Her monsters are based on older female monsters, but with a flair to them based on the Bubble Era. Her strategy largely focuses on defense through gaining LP and assembling defending monsters quickly, before setting up an attack on her next turn.

Police Deck[edit]

While working as President Goha, Mimi uses a Police Deck of DARK Aqua monsters. Similarly to her Bubble Era Deck, her monsters are based on older female monsters, but dressed as police officers. While her Deck is still able to gain LP, it focuses on a lockdown strategy by preventing Tribute Summoning via the effects of "Mystery Handcuffs" and her Field Spell, "Prison Island Ane Go Rock", while her ace monster "Dian Keto the Prison Master" removes monsters in the opponent's hand to disrupt their strategy. The President Drone takes advantage of the effect of "Dian Keto" to also gain LP in order to fuel the effect of "Vice Jacker", which he placed in the Deck without her knowledge.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 7 Lose
Yoshio Atachi 20 Lose
Roa Kirishima 44 Lose (with the President Drone)
Guruguru 60 Lose

Other appearances[edit]


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