Gakuto Sogetsu

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Gakuto Sogetsu
Gakuto Sogetsu
  • Gakuto Sogetsu
Japaneseそうげつ がく
Base蒼月 学人
Furiganaそうげつ がくと
RōmajiSōgetsu Gakuto
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
Sogetsu, Gakuto

Gakuto Sogetsu (そうげつ がく, Sōgetsu Gakuto) is one of the major supporting characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the President of the Student Council of Goha 7th Elementary and the heir apparent to the Sogetsu Style of Dueling.[1][2]



Full-body view of Gakuto

Gakuto is a tall boy with blue eyes and close-cropped purple hair that hangs over his eyes. He generally dresses simply yet smartly in a sky blue school uniform with a white edge and black shoes. The clothes that he wears while Dueling are more traditional Japanese clothing; he wears a sleeveless lavender kimono with a black collar and a black sash that has a blue line running down the middle, and a black mantle with a red inside and gold lining, held at the neck with a gold cord buttoned with green gems. He also carries a black fan when using Sogetsu Style.

Gakuto has also been seen in green-trimmed athletic clothes and in rugby uniform with headgear and a green belt for the non-contact variant of the sport. After being transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, Gakuto wears their uniform; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red. While laboring at the Abandoned Dorm, he also wears a white hard-hat and gloves, a white scarf tied neatly around his neck, and black boots.


Gakuto is serious-minded and assured in his righteousness, but also highly dramatic and energetic. He dislikes tardiness, having never been late to school.[1][2] He is so dedicated to preventing rule breaking that the mere mention of a penalty by Yuga brings him zooming over to lecture him, and when Yuga blows off his request for him to meet after school, he searches for him throughout the night.[3] Despite finding Romin Kirishima's behavior suspicious, he balks at the idea of Luke invading her privacy, and he seems mortified at the idea of Yuga asking Romin to visit his laboratory.[4] He also leaps at the chance to explain facts and rules to a curious party, serving as the main avenue for Romin to learn the rules of Duel Monsters and even stopping mid-flight during a dust explosion to explain the phenomenon to the viewer.[4][5] Subsequently he is the first to deduce the meaning behind the naming of Nail Saionji's Cyberse monsters and realize the danger that Yuga is in.[6]

Despite his strictness, Gakuto means well deep down. Though he could have fled the Goha Corporation Drone in the Hologram Man's chamber, he instead assists Yuga and Luke in uploading Yuga's Rush Dueling rules and comes to respect them during Yuga's Duel with the Hologram Man.[3] He later happily explains the specifics of Rush Dueling to Yuga's friends.[7] Gakuto also dutifully undertakes a tremendous quantity of work as part of his role as Student Council President, even at the expense of his own energy. Though he was exhausted, Gakuto refused to put off his Duel with Yuga, believing that doing so would be like running away.[8] He tries to defeat Romin as quickly as possible when they Duel, under the belief that she is conflicted over Dueling her friend, and he later tries to mend her relationship with Luke after her duplicity is revealed.[9][5] Over time, Gakuto comes to recognize the injustices that the Goha Corporation put him and his friends through, and he freely assists Yuga in combating them, even being the one to suggest that he open their Duel Disks and eject their Duel ID cards, when previously the mere notion of opening a Duel Disk sent him into a panicked lecture.[10][3]

Beneath his stern exterior, Gakuto is easily panicked, freaking out at the merest mention of breaking the rules and the prospect of even receiving a single penalty.[3] Ushiro Omaeno's ghost stories utterly terrify Gakuto to the point he is hugging Kaizo out of fear by the end of the Duel between him and Luke.[11] He isn't particularly good at making puns, and is completely tone-deaf, criticizing Kaizo for telling him such. When he realizes that he has been drawn into Yuga's antics, Gakuto has a crisis over how to balance his duties and the Rush Dueling he has come to enjoy. After Yuga convinces him to enjoy their Rush Duel, Gakuto stops holding back and Duels without the aid of Ranze and Rinnosuke.[8] When Gakuto is deprived of his Student Council responsibilities and forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary, the thought of being unable to return causes what Ranze terms "Presidency Withdrawal Syndrome".[12]


Gakuto's speech is polite and somewhat formal, generally attaching the honorific "-kun" after people's names once he is familiar with them and using the personal pronoun "watashi". The exceptions are adults like Mimi, who he calls by their surnames with the "-san" honorific.


Gakuto's name means "Blue Moon" and "Student".[2]


Gakuto can walk comically quickly, never moving from an upright posture when doing so. He puts this to good use when needing to swiftly retrieve Yuga's Duel Bicycle.[3] However, this backfires when he accidentally runs in the hall when in a hurry. He also seems to be quite athletic, easily dodging opposing rugby players while at the same time taking questions from the students.[8]


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Gakuto heard Yuga Ohdo talking about receiving a penalty one day at school and he zoomed over to inquire as to why. After Yuga showed him his Duel Bicycle and explained how it worked, Gakuto was horrified to learn that Yuga had been penalized for opening his Duel Disk and proceeded to lecture him on them and he asked why Yuga even wanted to open the Disk. Yuga explained that he had been trying to install new rules, much to Gakuto's horror. Yuga claimed that his Rush Dueling would be something that could bring back everyone's smiles in such a strict Dueling world, but before he could explain any further, class started and Gakuto told Yuga to explain it to him after class. However, Yuga did not come to the Student Council's office, and Gakuto spotted Yuga leaving with Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo. Gakuto searched for them alone without Ranze and Rinnosuke's help, eventually spotting Yuga's Duel Bicycle by a door leading to a basement where he found Yuga and Luke installing Yuga's new rules. He was shocked to see the Hologram Man standing in the chamber and horrified when a Goha Corporation Drone arrived and began counting down the timer before penalizing them all. After Romin Kirishima arrived, Luke deactivated the Drone and Yuga's Duel Disk began to run out of battery. Gakuto swiftly retrieved Yuga's Duel Bicycle and used it to power his Duel Disk, allowing Yuga to use Real-Time Duel Programming to install his Rush Duel rules. The Drone reactivated, with Luke unable to deactivate it again, and Gakuto, Luke and Romin watched as Yuga Rush Dueled the Hologram Man. Gakuto was amazed by the Duelists' ability to repeatedly Summon monsters and by the Hologram Man's use of the legendary "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Yuga was reduced to 1000 LP, and Gakuto panicked when he saw that Yuga had no cards in his hand, believing that he wouldn't be able to make a comeback. Yuga revealed that players in Rush Duels drew until they had five cards in their hand, and he Tribute Summoned his ace monster "Sevens Road Magician", increasing it to 7000 ATK and defeating the Hologram Man. Gakuto and Luke enthusiastically congratulated Yuga, and the Hologram Man told them that a new road had opened. To Gakuto's shock, his Duel Disk then transformed into the model that Yuga had used for the Rush Duel as his rules were installed into it.[3] Gakuto watched as Luke walked into the Hologram Man's dais, hidden by the hologram of the path (while he and Romin criticized Luke for his quick decision). Luke explained to them that the King of Duels dictated the rules of Duel Monsters and outlined an outlandish plan for him and Yuga to become Goha Corp employees and install Rush Dueling, much to Gakuto and Romin's shock.[7]

Yuga and Luke decided to Rush Duel the next day to settle their dispute over Rush Dueling, and Gakuto warned them not to go over recess time. Luke used his power to deactivate everyone's phones to prevent the Duel from being recorded, claiming he could due so due to being possessed by a devil, though Yuga suggested it was due to the Pauli effect and Gakuto explained what it was with aid from Ranze and Rinnosuke. As the Rush Duel progressed, Gakuto explained the rules to Yuga's friends, in addition to some basic rules of Duel Monsters to the inexperienced Romin. Although Yuga came close to winning the Duel with "Sevens Road Magician", Luke was able to hang on with 100 LP due to Yuga failing to assemble enough Attributes in his Graveyard to power it up. Luke defeated Yuga with "Dragias the Striking Dragon", but Yuga revealed that he'd modified the Drone that had detected them yesterday and hidden it behind Gakuto to livestream the Duel, prompting Gakuto to fret that his account could be deleted. As Gakuto hurried everyone back to class, Yuga told Luke that he wanted everyone to enjoy Rush Duels, and Luke came to believe Yuga had let him win the Duel, though both Gakuto and Romin privately agreed that Yuga had simply lost the Duel.[7]

Luke asked Gakuto about Romin one day, as he believed she was working for Goha Corp. Gakuto was skeptical, but agreed that Romin knew oddly specific facts about Dueling and agreed to have Yuga use one of his Roads to determine if she was hiding something, though Yuga's Road broke inconclusively. Yuga then invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, something Gakuto was flustered by. They were greeted by the modified Drone, which Gakuto was initially nervous of until he realized that it was Yuga's. Yuga named the Drone Kaizo after it asked for Romin's autograph and showed them his Roads, though Gakuto wound up worrying over Luke after he was trapped in a hairstyling Road. Yuga convinced Romin to Rush Duel him, and Luke tried to look in Romin's guitar case after seeing her reluctance to part with it; Gakuto was forced to continuously stop Luke to preserve Romin's privacy. Gakuto also explained how Levels and Tribute Summons worked to Romin during the Duel. Yuga quickly pushed Romin into a corner, but she made a comeback with a card she had added to the spare Deck Yuga had lent her; "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", amazing Gakuto with its powerful effect. Romin explained that she had got the card at a concert and kept it in her guitar case as a good luck charm, reminding Luke of his mission. Gakuto was too late to stop Luke opening the case, though it only contained Romin's guitar. Yuga tried to make a comeback, but initially had a dead hand until he gambled on returning "Sevens Road Magician" to his Deck and re-drawing it with "Recovery Force", and he defeated Romin. Gakuto told Romin that the effect of "Prima Guitarna" was quite strong and noted that Yuga hadn't needed to use the effect of "Sevens Road" to win, though Yuga claimed that an ace should fight an ace. Gakuto then took Luke aside, noting that Romin didn't seem to be working for Goha Corp.[4]

Gakuto declares his intent to stop Rush Dueling.

One day after drawing "Fiendish Commander Yameruler" for his daily fortune, Yuga dragged Gakuto out of the office to help film a Rush Dueling promo video, though they ran into difficulties with the vocals when Romin refused to sing an Gakuto stated they could only sing the school anthem. After Gakuto demonstrated how tone-deaf he was, he returned to his duties, but accidentally ran in that halls and began having a crisis between his duties and Rush Dueling. Ranze and Rinnosuke convinced Gakuto to stay loyal to the Student Council, so Gakuto decided to interpret drawing "Yameruler" as a sign to prohibit Rush Dueling. Yuag suggested they Duel to settle the matter, and Luke added the condition that Gakuto would have to step down as Student Council President if he lost. Gakuto agreed, eager to settle the matter immediately, but he was inundated with requests from student that took him until the evening to deal with. Although he was exhausted, Gakuto still showed up to Duel Yuga, with Ranze and Rinnosuke assisting him so he could use his Sogetsu Style. Despite being able to Summon "Yameruler" on his first turn, Gakuto hesitated and simply Set a monster. Yuga brought Gakuto to 2000 LP in one turn, but Gakuto still hesitated to Summon "Yameruler" and argued with Ranze. Yuga began laughing, as he was enjoying the Duel and he encouraged Gakuto to do the same, and Gakuto took his cards from Ranze and Dueled himself. He brought out "Yameruler" and "Mountain Hermit Yur" and used "Shield & Sword" to set up his attacks, bringing Yuga to 300 LP. Despite the effect of "Yameruler" preventing them from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters, Yuga was able to use "Sevens Road Witch" to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" and defeat Gakuto. Gakuto honored his agreement and stepped down as Student Council President, thanking Ranze and Rinnosuke. However, he was instantly reinstated after defeating Luke in the emergency election.[8]

Gakuto attempts to correct the school's newspaper.

Gakuto noticed that more Rush Dueling videos had been deleted, and he and Yuga determined that Goha Corp were likely responsible. When they arrived at school, they were interviewed about Rush Dueling by the Newspaper Club; Luke volunteered to be interviewed. Yuga was confident that Goha Corp wouldn't be able to censor an analog publication so easily, though Gakuto was skeptical and Romin warned them that the Newspaper Club didn't have the best reputation. To Gakuto's fury, the article the Newspaper published insulted Rush Dueling, so Gakuto attempted to use the authority of the Student Council to have it changed, though Masaru and Nico refused to be censored. Yuga threatened to leak the paper to Goha and have it shut down, so the chief of the Newspaper Club, Bakuro Shinjitsu offered to Duel to decide the article contents. Luke accepted the Duel, much to Gakuto's trepidation, but he was eventually able to defeat Bakuro despite being reduced to 100 LP. The Newspaper Club released a new article that praised Rush Dueling, but also released an article depicting Luke lording it over his friends, much to Gakuto's displeasure.[13]

The Newspaper printed an article stating the Tahayasty Restaurant was closing, so Gakuto accompanied Yuga, Romin and Kaizo to the restaurant to investigate. They found the owner despondent at the impending closure of the restaurant, begging them to order one final bowl of ramen from him. They instead went to the A.I. Restaurant that was out-competing the Tahayasty Restaurant to see why it was more popular, but both Yuga and Gakuto were refused entry; Yuga due to being considered a troublemaker, and Gakuto due to being a chronic complainer, displeasing Gakuto. Yuga sent Kaizo in to get information instead, but the information Kaizo provided sent the owner into shock. Menzaburo Oomori then arrived, shocking Gakuto with how upfront he was and ordering the last ramen, and agreeing to Duel Yuga for it. Gakuto narrated both the Duel and the shopkeeper's process as he made the ramen, though this left him in range of hot water droplets when the shopkeeper drained the noodles. Yuga won the Duel, and he offered to split the last ramen among everyone, but Luke ate it before they could, much to Gakuto's shock. Fortunately, the shopkeeper reassured them that the Rush Duel had inspired him to stay open, and his customer base subsequently improved. Gakuto accompanied Yuga, Menzaburo and the others to the Hologram Man's chamber so Menzaburo could try to install Dueling rules of his own, but they found the Hologram Man's relic gone.[14]

A new student, Mimi Atachi, transferred to Yuga's class. Gakuto and the rest of the Student Council soon became suspicious of her as they were unable to learn which school Mimi had transferred from and he and Luke informed Yuga and Romin of their suspicions. Mimi approached them, stating that she knew about them due to the Goha 7th Newspaper and she offered them gifts to get to know them better, giving Gakuto a VHS player that would allow him to watch older Sogetsu Style Duels. They took Mimi to visit the Road Laboratory, but she suddenly left in a hurry, much to their surprise. Suspecting she might return to steal Yuga's notebook, Gakuto, Romin and Luke convinced Yuga to remain with them at the Road Laboratory and lie in wait for Mimi; sure enough, she did indeed return and attempted to steal the notebook. Gakuto angrily returned the VHS player to Mimi, though she claimed she had simply wanted to learn more about Rush Duels, which Gakuto told her was no excuse for stealing. To his shock, Yuga offered Mimi the notebook anyway, though Mimi refused to take it and they eventually decided to settle the matter with a Rush Duel. Gakuto was surprised by Mimi's Bubble Era monsters being versions of legendary monsters and unaccustomed to their festive tropes, which caused him some confusion during the Duel. Yuga was eventually able to win the Duel and give Mimi his notebook, claiming that Mimi would love Rush Duels even more afterwards, much to Gakuto's exasperation. The following day, he talked with Yuga about ways to make Rush Dueling more exciting, though Gakuto was unable to think of an idea.[15]

Gakuto joined Yuga, Luke and Kaizo to investigate the disappearance of the Hologram Man's monument, which Yuga dubbed "The Relic", but they were unable to find any clues. They headed for a vending machine to resist the heat, but Romin had emptied the nearest one and the one across the street was blocked away by Yoshio Atachi, who had a grudge against Luke and challenged him to a Rush Duel. Yoshio called himself the King of Combat, a term Gakuto and Luke assumed meant he was calling himself the King of Duels, so Luke arrogantly accepted his challenge. Yoshio used a Field Spell Card, "Beast Gear World", so Gakuto took the time to explain Field Spells to Romin. Though the Field Spell put Luke at a significant disadvantage, he was still able to deplete a large portion of Yoshio's LP with "Dragias the Striking Dragon", prompting Yoshio to vow that he would win to have Luke convince his mother to let him Rush Duel. He explained that he had asked Luke for advice in the Goha 7th Newspaper, but when he'd interpreted Luke's advice to act like Good Max, his mother had been horrified and threatened not to make Yoshio's favorite meal. He destroyed "Dragias" and reduced Luke to 500 LP, but Luke was able to come back with a new ace monster, "Dragonic Slayer", bring back "Dragias", and defeat Yoshio. After the Duel, Yoshio expressed excitement over the Rush Duel despite his loss, though Gakuto had to remind everyone they hadn't thought of a way to convince Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel. Yuga suggested using a Road, but Yoshio declined after Luke asked if that was what he really wanted.[16]

Rumors spread on the internet of a dinosaur created by the Goha Corporation, "Gossie", though Gakuto was skeptical of its existence. Nevertheless, he and Romin accompanied Yuga and Luke in searching for it using Kaizo to detect an adventurous spirit. They encountered Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, who were also searching for Gossie, and teamed up with them to search, but their efforts were in vain until Gakuto suggested Gossie might be nostalgic for something ancient like the Relic. Luke then learned the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club intended to exploit Gossie for money, though Yuga offered to give them the location of the Relic if their president, Kan Hakubutsu, defeated him in a Rush Duel. During the Duel, Yuga stated that Kan's adventurous spirit was genuine, leading Kan to suggest they look for Gossie in good faith at the construction site it had first appeared, prompting Yuga to suddenly lose interest in looking for Gossie. Although Yuga defeated Kan, they investigated the construction site anyway, where Gossie apparently appeared, but was simply heating pipes combined with Yuga's noise-cancelling Road. To make it up to Kan and his friends, Yuga brought them to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Hunt Goto's sneeze revealed seven symbols carved in the ground; Gakuto wondered if they were emblems.[17] As they examined the symbols, Luke suggested that one of them resembled "Dragias", but before they could decide further, Romin told them she was leaving, as she had a concert that weekend to prepare for, and she gave them VIP tickets to the concert, which would be held at the Seven Hells Hall.[11]

Gakuto bought flowers for Romin before the concert, and they went to her dressing room before the concert, though Luke was apparently scared by something in the halls of the disused building. He and Yuga both gave their gifts to Romin; Yuga having modified his noise-cancelling Road into a Duel Guitar, but Luke was mortified that he hadn't brought anything for Romin and rushed off to find something, only to scream in fear soon afterwards. Gakuto, Kaizo and Yuga found Luke scared in a dark corridor, claiming Romin was in danger, and she had vanished from the room when they returned. Gakuto suggested Romin had gone to the bathroom, though Yuga noted they would have passed her in the corridor if she had. The concert then began, with the charismatic Roa Kirishima, Romin's cousin, leading the event, while Romin herself was nowhere to be seen. Roa then invited Yuga on stage to Duel for the rights to Rush Dueling, and though Gakuto was skeptical, Yuga agreed, as he didn't care about Rush Dueling and felt the Duel could be good for publicity. Roa brought them on stage, as he wanted a three-on-three team Duel, and Luke volunteered to Duel first, facing RoaRomin's bassist, Ushiro Omaeno. Ushiro told Luke ghost stories throughout the match, terrifying Gakuto with his Zombie monsters, but Luke eventually declared that Ushiro was using his name to scare him, having not realized what Ushiro's name was. He defeated Ushiro, and Gakuto admitted that it had been a terrifying match.[11]

Gakuto Duels Romin with Neo Sogetsu Style.

Yuga was eager to Duel in the next match, but Gakuto asked to Duel next, as he wanted to have them win without Yuga needing to Duel. To Gakuto's shock, his opponent was Romin, who revealed she had been spying on them for Roa, though Gakuto was impressed that Yuga had already deduced this. Gakuto vowed not to hold back, though he believed Romin was conflicted over having to Duel her friend. Ranze and Rinnosuke arrived to hold his cards for him, and Gakuto patiently reminded them he was now using Neo Sogetsu Style and drawing his own cards, which he sheepishly admitted he'd realized was faster. He Tribute Summoned "Yameruler" on his first turn and used its effect to lock Romin down, preventing her from Tribute Summoning "Prima Guitarna". On his next turn, Gakuto re-used the effect of "Yameruler" and brought out two "Battle Commander Nandes" to switch "Yameruler" back into Attack Position, allowing him to destroy Romin's Set monsters and reduce her to 900 LP. Despite her predicament, Romin played the Duel Guitar during the Duel, which Gakuto claimed was her true voice. Menzaburo and his friends Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi then arrived to cater for the event, and the abundance of food drove Romin into an obsessive hunger. She flipped "Yameruler" face-down to dispel its effect and then Tribute Summoned "Prima Guitarna" and "Esperaid of the Smashing Light", increasing the ATK of her monsters and destroying most of Gakuto's to defeat him. Gakuto lamented his loss as Romin celebrated, but she snapped out of her hunger when she accidentally ejected a chocolate bar from the Duel Guitar and ate it. Roa then challenged Yuga to the final match of the team Duel.[9]

After Gakuto's Duel, Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko apologized to him and Yuga for their indirect role in his loss, though Gakuto reassured them it wasn't their fault. Romin tried to warn Yuga not to Duel, causing Gakuto to wonder if Roa had prepared a trap for Yuga, though Yuga Dueled Roa anyway. Roa Set his hand on the first turn, something Gakuto noted was to keep his strategy a secret from Yuga. Yuga Summoned three high-Level monsters on his turn, a display that Gakuto praised, though Roa criticized it as Yuga hadn't Summoned "Sevens Road Magician". He asked where Yuga had got the card, and Yuga revealed he had been given the card by the Hologram Man at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament, where Otes had used it and been disqualified from the finals. Roa suggested that the Hologram Man had been disqualified because "Sevens Road Magician" was illegal, a claim Gakuto dismissed as nonsense. A Goha executive then arrived, and Gakuto felt like he had met her before, though she denied knowing him. Despite Gakuto's initial dismissal of Roa's claims, "Sevens Road Magician" proved to be difficult to search for on the Goha website, and Gakuto began to doubt Yuga. He, Ranze, and Rinnosuke found the rules on using disputed cards in their rulebooks as Roa clarified that if Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", he would be disqualified. Luke then convinced Gakuto to believe in Yuga, and Gakuto agreed that someone who didn't respect rules would not want to make new ones. They decided to ask around about "Sevens Road Magician", and Gakuto contacted Bakuro, but Bakuro had no information for him. He returned to the Duel with Menzaburo and Rinnosuke, who had also failed to find any information on "Sevens Road". Roa was able to empty Yuga's hand to ensure he drew more card on the next turn, and Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician".[18]

Before Yuga could be disqualified, the Relic suddenly emerged from the ground and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club arrived to examine it; Yuga explained they had examined the emblems they found and found that they formed the logo of Seven Hells Hall, suggesting the Relic would appear there. The Relic projected the Hologram Man, who introduced himself as Otes and the Newspaper Club also arrived, revealing that Otes had been disqualified for being a Goha employee and that "Sevens Road" was legal. Roa had been blocking its information on the internet, something Gakuto realized Roa must have known would be discovered, and was revealed to have been present with Yuga at the 60th Goha Duel Tournament when Otes entrusted "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga. Despite Roa's actions and Gakuto's skepticism, Yuga offered to Duel with the right to the title of King of Duels on the line. Yuga brought out "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch", Gakuto recalling the latter and noting that Otes had also created it, and he almost defeated Roa, but Roa was able to negate the attack of "Sevens Road Magician". Roa brought out his own ace monster, "Royal Demon's Heavymetal", weakening "Sevens Road Magician" and absorbing "Sevens Road Witch" with the effect of "Hevaymetal" and almost defeating him, shocking Gakuto with his strength. Yuga was able to comeback the next turn with "Sevens Road Mage", defeating Roa, and Gakuto was pleased that Rush Dueling was safe and Romin free. Yuga accepted the road to the King of Duels as the Relic sunk into the ground again, and later at the Road Laboratory, Gakuto and Luke speculated on Romin's secret. Yuga arrived with juice, having deduced Romin's secret to be that she was tone-deaf, much to Romin's embarrassment.[19]


Gakuto went with Romin to help her apologize to Luke for spying on them, but Luke refused to talk to Romin, so they went to the Road Laboratory the next day to ask Yuga for advice. Yuga suggested cooking for Luke, and Gakuto admitted that Luke certainly liked his food, though Romin admitted she wasn't much of a cook herself. Yuga had Kaizo determine Luke's favorite food to be curry rice, which Romin decided she would be able to make. After Yuga had to rush off after the excited Kaizo, Gakuto offered his assistance, so Romin took him, Ranze and Rinnosuke to Roa's apartment, where Romin was house-sitting for Roa. It quickly became apparent to Gakuto that Romin had no idea what she was doing after she caused a dust explosion by accident, so he, Ranze and Rinnosuke had to micromanage Romin to prepare the rice safely. When Romin prepared the curry however, she accidentally threw in the ingredients for gunpowder, much to Gakuto's exasperation. Eventually Romin managed to cook the curry, though Gakuto was still nervous given how many mistakes Romin had made and the curry's blue color. Ranze insisted Romin try the curry first, and Romin claimed it was delicious and served them helpings as well, though Gakuto and his assistants found themselves unable to eat it. They were fortunately spared by the arrival of Luke, who Yuga had brought with him, and Luke was entranced by the smell of the curry and ate Gakuto's serving, moved by how delicious it was. After Luke demanded seconds, Gakuto finally tasted the curry and admitted that it was surprisingly tasty. Luke named the curry "Dragias Curry" after its color, so Romin tried to add spices to it to simulate the second attack of "Dragias the Striking Dragon", but her additions flooded the entire apartment.[5]

At school one day, Gakuto was examining his Deck when Luke wondered why he couldn't see himself as the King of Duels lately. Gakuto suggested that Yuga's recent desire to become the King himself was responsible, much to Luke's shock, though he claimed Yuga would still make him King, despite Gakuto stating that was all in Luke's head. Kaizo then arrived and claimed it had determined where the Relic would next appear, leading them to the harbor. They boarded a boat to the island where the Relic was supposed to be, only to learn they were on board Goha Fishing Elementary, a ship Gakuto explained the history of to his underclassmen. The ship's captain, Nanami Maguro, then found the Duel Bicycle's Robot Mode in one of his nets and accused Yuga of ocean pollution and challenged him to a Rush Duel. As Maguro and Yuga Dueled, Gakuto explained more facts about the Fishing Elementary, including that the requirement to become captain was to catch the most fish. Yuga was pushed into a corner by Maguro's "Hydrocannon Big Magurom" and "Killer Bite Ball", but managed to restore enough LP to survive Maguro's attacks, though Gakuto still believed that Yuga would win. Yuga was able to defeat Maguro with a new monster, "Lightning Bolcondor", and after Maguro congratulated Yuga on his victory, Gakuto informed him that Yuga had created Rush Dueling. Yuga then learned from the memory of the Duel Bicycle that Kaizo's data had been replaced, with only a fragment surviving in the Duel Bicycle; Gakuto realized that Kaizo had tried to warn them of the danger they were in. The island they had been trying to get to was revealed to be nonexistent, and the fake Kaizo fled back to Goha City. Fortunately, Yuga had placed a transmitter in Kaizo's body and Maguro offered to give them a lift back to Goha City via speedboat, a ride Gakuto endured with little issue.[20]

After they got back to shore, Gakuto accompanied Yuga, Luke and Romin in following Kaizo's transmitter, which led to the A.I. Restaurant.[20] Although they were unsure if they would be allowed in due to Gakuto's prior altercation with a Goha Corporation Drone, Mimi was able to get them into the restaurant, though she abruptly left for the bathroom. Gakuto had a meal, but Luke devoured a ridiculous quantity of food which resulted in a massive bill due to the 66 yen promotion ending just before they finished. Luke rushed off after calling Romin a traitor when she criticized his decision-making, leaving Gakuto, Romin and Yuga unable to pay for the meal and put to work washing dishes under the supervision of Arata Arai to pay for their bill. As Gakuto worried Luke wouldn't return, Romin accidentally knocked over a stack of plates, which would add a tremendous amount to their bill, but Arai offered to forget their bill if they could defeat him in a Duel. Romin volunteered to Duel, believing the situation to be her fault, though Gakuto stated this was Luke's fault and he should Duel. Though Romin Tribute Summoned "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" on her first turn, Arai swiftly overpowered Romin by repeatedly retrieving his "White Foam - Bleach Motor", though Gakuto noticed that Arai was Setting the card before activating it every time and then rubbing his Duel Disk. Yuga eventually accused Arai of cheating, and Gakuto demanded to examine Arai's Duel Disk, though Arai refused, claiming the Duel Disk should have detected the cheating. Luke then stepped into the room and used his Pauli effect-like power to deactivate the cheating function of Arai's Duel Disk, and Gakuto admonished Arai for doing so, though Arai was still able to legitimately return "Bleach Motor" to the top of his Deck and destroy "Prima Guitarna". Luke then gloated over saving Romin, angering her as she had been when she defeated Gakuto and she defeated Arai using "Esperaid of the Smashing Light" and "Greater Piercing!!", which she had added to her Deck after seeing Gakuto use. After the Duel, Gakuto realized that being pushed to the limits of her patience could also send Romin over the edge, and after Arai accidentally spilled the beans on Kaizo's location, they entered a strange room in the hall, where they were met by Nail Saionji.[21]

Nail revealed that he oversaw Goha Duels and they would be able retrieve Kaizo's data if they could defeat the Duelists in the Garden of Providence, but their Dueling accounts would be deleted if they lost six times. They soon encountered the first Duelist, Schrödinger Nekoyama, who Luke agreed to Duel. Nekoyama used card effects that forced Luke to declare the top card of his Deck, and though Gakuto initially believed they wouldn't faze Luke, he was quickly proven wrong as Luke began to worry tremendously. Nekoyama reduced Luke to 100 LP, and Gakuto finally realized what was worrying Luke so much; whether Yuga would give him the Throne of the King if he became King of Duels. Gakuto suggested Luke clear up his worries now by asking Yuga himself, and Yuga confirmed that he wouldn't give the title to Luke, though he encouraged him to win it himself. Energized by the resolution, Luke brought out "Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon" and drew then returned cards to the top of his Deck to ensure he knew the top card, a strategy that impressed Gakuto. However, when it came time to guess the top card, Luke had already forgotten what cards he'd put on top of his Deck, much to Gakuto's exasperation. Fortunately, Luke guessed correctly this time and defeated Nekoyama, who Nail dropped through a trapdoor. Nail then sent Gakuto and his friends home, telling them to return the next day.[22]

The next day, Gakuto, Luke and Romin discussed Nail at the Road Laboratory, as well as the fate of Kaizo should they fail to retrieve its data. Yuga then took them to the Hologram Man's chamber to search for clues to the "key" that Otes had mentioned, but Romin had to leave before they could find anything. Gakuto, Yuga and Luke were then dropped into the Garden of Providence again, landing in the room where Luke had Dueled Nekoyama and Nail appeared to them. Yuga asks Nail if he knew anything about the "key", but Nail claimed to know nothing. Gakuto used the GPS on his phone to lead them towards the Goha Corporation Main Office, as Yuga speculated that Nail's haven was likely situated beneath it, and they eventually ran into Getta Taira, the drummer of RoaRomin. Romin and Roa then arrived, and Getta Dueled Roa instead of them, claiming that Roa had mistreated him. Getta quickly pushed Roa into a corner, but Roa sang to Getta about how he was his friend before defeating him with "Royal Demon's Invasion". After his loss, Getta was dropped down a trapdoor as Nekoyama had been, but Roa tried to save him, claiming he was hopeless without Getta. Gakuto was immensely touched by Roa's words, but then Romin told them she had left earlier because Roa had asked her to get Yuga to make a drumming robot, something Luke blurted out. Getta then let go of Roa, swearing revenge, and Nail then returned them to the surface, where Roa departed, amending his request to a Duel Disk drumset.[23]

The following day Yuga told Gakuto and the others about the Super Rush Robot he had seen in a dream, which he believed to be the key Otes spoke of. He revealed blueprints for the robot that included Kaizo as the cooling system in the crotch of the robot, something that upset Kaizo and he hopped out of the Road Laboratory. Gakuto was surprised to find four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs outside, and he was soon convinced to try one after Luke impulsively did so, only to be brought down into the Garden of Providence by Sebastian, the A.I. in Nail's massage chair, who challenged Yuga to a Duel. Sebastian began by Summoning 0 ATK monsters, and Gakuto initially wondered if they had overestimated Sebastian, only for him to destroy all the monsters on the field. He then combined his "Throne of Darkness" with "Dayu the Dark King of Chairs" to boost it to 4000 ATK, though Yuga was able to save himself. Sebastian began to act erratically, something Gakuto speculated was due to his failure to defeat Yuga, and he returned Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" to his hand and hid it in Kaizo, then disguised the other cards in Yuga's hand as duplicates of Kaizo with his "Gate of Thrones" Trap. Although Gakuto was tentative in his support of Kaizo, he agreed that they still loved him after Yuga was able to pick him out of the duplicates. Yuga defeated Sebastian, returning them to the surface, where Gakuto assured Kaizo they had been sincere in their declaration, while Yuga suggested making Kaizo a deodorizer on the Super Rush Robot's posterior instead.[24]

Yoshio came to ask Luke for advice, and Gakuto was pleased to see he had regained his confidence. They were then dropped into the Garden of Providence again, where they were challenged to a Duel by Number Six, the Goha executive who had appeared during Yuga's Duel with Roa, whose voice Gakuto found familiar. Although Gakuto was eager to Duel her, Yoshio, who had been dropped underground with them, won their game of Rock-paper-scissors to decide who Dueled Number Six. Number Six's use of a "bubble-like" strategy to gain LP on her first turn caught Gakuto's attention, and he began to suspect she was Mimi. Number Six pushed Yoshio into a corner, telling him to surrender, but Yoshio refused to give up, declaring that he wanted to grow up to be as strong as his mother, who still had big dreams even as an adult, and he defeated Number Six. Number Six's helmet broke after Yoshio passed out from exhaustion, revealing that she was indeed Mimi, though Gakuto was shocked to learn that she was Yoshio's mother. They were all then penalized, as Nail explained the system had judged Mimi to be one of their friends, and Gakuto called the tactic low, though Yuga didn't believe Nail had done so out of malice. After returning to the surface, Mimi asked them not to reveal her identity to Yoshio, bribing Luke with coupons for the A.I. Restaurant.[25]

The next day they gathered their friends at the Road Laboratory to explain why they had all been penalized, though no sooner had Gakuto stopped Luke and Romin from squabbling after Luke called Mimi a traitorous spy, they were dropped into the Garden of Providence again, this time with Menzaburo. They were approached by Advisor M, who Gakuto realized was Mimi and who told them that Nail's haven was in the Gate of Providence. After three hours, the group were no closer to finding the Gate, though Menzaburo managed to find a ramen shop called Space House, run by Noodle Sorako, who claimed to be an alien. After they had a bowl of ramen, Sorako challenged them to a Duel that Menzaburo accepted. Menzaburo gained an early lead, but Sorako revealed that her ship was powered by her LP and would be inoperable if she lost. Sorako Tribute Summoned her ace monster, "Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess" and pushed Menzaburo into a corner, and Gakuto noticed that Menzaburo's earlier enthusiasm seemed to have faded, and was surprised when Luke deduced something was worrying him. Menzaburo blurted out that he was torn between wining the Duel or sparing Sorako to journey around the galaxy with her to sample ramen, so Yuga encouraged Menzaburo to choose his own path, and Menzaburo regained his enthusiasm and defeated Sorako. After the Duel Sorako was transported away by a blue light, causing Gakuto to wonder if she had been an alien after all. The group subsequently resumed their search for the Gate of Providence.[26]

Luke decided to treat his friends to a meal at the A.I. Restaurant using the coupons Mimi had given him, though his power caused some difficulties around the restaurant. While they were eating, a waiter Drone splashed water on Luke and took him away to clean him up. After Gakuto noted that Luke had been gone for a while, the holograms in their VIP room began to break down, and their screens showed Luke Rush Dueling Arai, who was cheating again, though Gakuto believed Luke would be fine, as he could use his power to stop Arai's cheating. Yuga explained he believed the power was connected to Luke's wristwatch, which Luke had lent to Yuga to look at before being kidnapped. After Gakuto and Yuga failed to get the door open themselves, Yuga was able to use Kaizo to lever the door open and they managed to get to the dishwashing room as Arai prepared to Deck out Luke. Yuga and Romin tried to invoke the power of Luke's watch, but were unable to, so Gakuto tried to do so himself, though he also failed and Gakuto was left ashamed at trying to invoke a devil. Luke decided to defeat Arai with skill instead, and he was able to stop Arai's combo with a Trap Card, then defeat him on his next turn with three of his ace monsters. After the Duel, Yuga tricked Arai into revealing where the Gate of Providence was and Luke used his power to open the reinforced door, causing Gakuto to wonder if his power was connected to a devil after all. Arai was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, and Gakuto accompanied his friends to the Gate of Providence.[27]

When they arrived at the Gate, they were surprised to find a street of shops staffed by Drones selling items branded with providence, so Gakuto suggested they take the opportunity to learn about Nail's providence. However, many of the goods the Drones sold differed from the normal, including suggesting a piece of a bun was a single one and having them use goldfish catching nets with no screens. As they continued to experience the shops, Gakuto became more confused as to the definition of Nail's providence, but Yuga claimed he understood it, and they advanced into Nail's haven. They found the haven in ruins, only for Gakuto to realize that the damage was simply Solid Vision. Nail and Sebastian emerged to greet them, Nail claiming that they wouldn't be able to have the Rush Duel that Yuga wanted as Yuga would be unable to win. Despite going to severe lengths to protect one of his Trap Cards during his Duel with Yuga, Nail's "Quantum Hole" only allowed him to draw cards, though Gakuto suspected Nail was trying to draw something specific. Nail's Cyberse monsters focused on this strategy too, and as Nail discussed what providence was, which he believed to be the source of all creation, Gakuto realized that the names of Nail's monsters contained negative power denominations that continued to approach zero, and he tried to warn Yuga. But his warning came too late, as Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree‎‎‎‎" and defeated Yuga.[6] Nail explained that he had installed the Summoning method using a gap in the code of Rush Duels that Yuga himself had left in, a fact that Yuga confirmed when Gakuto asked him about it. Nail then returned them to the surface, warning them that they had two penalties now.[28]

Although Gakuto, Romin and Luke had promised Yuga they would work with him to discover a way to defeat Maximum Summoning, Yuga was not at the Road Laboratory when they went there the next day. Gakuto worried that Yuga had become depressed by his loss, and with the three of them unable to find Yuga, they decided to look for hints on how to defeat Maximum Summoning on their own. Gakuto visited the library, the Newspaper Club to show Bakuro, Masaru and Nico a drawing of "Yggdrago", and the Student Council Room to look for information with Ranze and Rinnosuke, but they found no information. Ranze noted that there was likely no information on Maximum if it was as new as Gakuto claimed, and Gakuto realized that Otes was the most likely person who would know about Maximum Summoning and he headed to his chamber to contact him. To his surprise, Romin and Luke arrived as well, having had the same idea, and Otes appeared to them after they had gathered. He confirmed that he knew about Maximum Summoning and agreed to tell them how to defeat it if they all defeated him in a Rush Duel, though he warned them that the system would penalize them all regardless of the results, as Otes was counted as one of Yuga's allies. Despite the risk, Gakuto, Romin and Luke all agreed to Duel, and Otes split in three to Duel them. Otes opposed Gakuto with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and reduced his LP with "Inferno Fire Blast". Gakuto Tribute Summoned "Fiendish Commander Kimeruler", but this allowed Otes to use "Black Dragon's Bellow" to increase the ATK and DEF of "Red-Eyes" and return "Inferno Fire Blast" to the top of his Deck, ensuring that Gakuto would lose on his next turn. Remembering that he wanted to repay Yuga for everything he had done for him, Gakuto gambled with "Chestnuts Out of the Fire" to increase the ATK of "Kimeruler" high enough to defeat Otes, but low enough that he would survive his Spell's negative effect, managing to excavate just the right monster to accomplish both. Gakuto then switched "Red-Eyes" to Defense Position with "Block Attack", allowing "Kimeruler" to attack directly and defeat Otes. Romin and Luke won their Duels with Otes as well, and Otes congratulated them before vanishing, telling them that the hint to defeating Maximum was within them all along. As they considered Otes' words, they realized that all three of them had found the resolve to continue, and they wondered if this was what Otes meant.[28] Gakuto, Luke, and Romin decided that Yuga's best chance to beat Nail would be to install Maximum Summoning himself, and that Yuga could rewrite their Duel ID cards into Maximum Monsters, so they returned to the Road Laboratory to wait for Yuga, who finally returned that evening and apologized to them.[10][28] Gakuto reassured Yuga it was fine and encouraged him to accept their resolve, as it was all up to him now.[28] They explained their plan to Yuga, who was unwilling to rewrite their ID cards due to the prospect of erasing their accounts and preventing them from Dueling again, something that amused Gakuto, who had thought Yuga would agree instantly. After Luke convinced Yuga to accept their offer, Yuga hacked into Gakuto, Luke and Romin's Duel Disks to eject their ID cards, but they were interrupted by a Goha Corporation Drone that had detected the action, which Gakuto struck down and deactivated, allowing them to proceed without further interrupting and add the ejected ID cards to Yuga's Deck.[10]

Yuga took them to the Goha Corporation Main Office, prompting Gakuto to assume Yuga was going to beg forgiveness from President Goha until Romin and Yuga pointed out that was unlikely. Yuga clarified he wanted to visit the Goha Duel Museum, which Gakuto theorized to be in case Yuga was unable to defeat Nail. As they explored the Duel History exhibit, Nail and Sebastian arrived and Gakuto was mortified both by Luke mistaking Nail for a model and Nail noting Luke's low grades. Nail challenged Yuga to a rematch, and Yuga accepted, beginning with a strong defensive formation that Gakuto praised. Nail began cycling through his cards again on his next turn, Gakuto noting the danger of the strategy, and he Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", taking them to the roof due to the Maximum Monster's massive size. Yuga tried to destroy it with a Trap, but "Yggdrago" could not be destroyed by Traps and Nail explained that it was three monsters as one, and thus had three effects. Nail used the effects, including the one he had defeated Yuga with, to tear down his defenses, though Yuga was still able to survive the turn unharmed with his other Trap. Gakuto worried that Yuga would be unable to hold out for much longer, but Yuga was able to draw their ID cards on his next turn and rewrite them into Maximum Monsters, though his Duel Disk became unable to bear the strain of the Real-Time Rush Duel Programming. Kaizo then volunteered to be used; Gakuto realizing that his processing power could be used to complete the installation. Yuga was able to successfully do so, and Gakuto joined Yuga in Maximum Summoning "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road [R]".[10] Yuga used the effect of "Magnum Over Road [R]" to increase the ATK of "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road" higher than "Yggdrago", but Nail was able to protect "Yggdrago" from being destroyed and inflict the damage to Yuga as well, though the effect of "Magnum Over Road" protected itself from Nail's Trap. Nail powered-up "Yggdrago" on his next turn and attacked, Gakuto protecting Luke and Romin from the blast. Yuga was able to negate the attack by returning "Magnum Over Road" to his hand, but before he could re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Over Road", Nail returned it to his Deck, forcing him to hold out with "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch", though Nail was again able to protect "Yggdrago" and restored his LP to 4000. As Nail told them that this would be the last Rush Duel after reducing Yuga to 100 LP, Sebastian reported that many other elementary students had declared their support for Yuga and also been penalized, much to Gakuto's surprise. Yuga was able to use card effects to re-draw his Maximum cards, but Nail returned them to the Deck again, though Yuga was able to draw it for a third time and Maximum Summon it. Nail reminded Yuga that his "Pair Annihilation" Trap that they'd seen earlier that turn was still Set, which would cause a DRAW. Fortunately, Yuga was able to power-up "Magnum Over Road" even further with the final effect of "Magnum Over Road", allowing him to defeat Nail. After the Rush Duel, Sebastian returned Kaizo to them and he revealed that he had been Dueling with five penalties as well and that his account had been deleted, though Gakuto's Duel ID was restored from "Magnum Over Road [R]".[29]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Gakuto walked to school early with Romin, who had woken up with a bad feeling, though this time they had both been beaten by Yuga. Gakuto and Romin met Yuga on the roof, finding him deep in thought, and Yuga explained that he had been remembering his Duel with Nail, thanking Gakuto and Romin for helping him win. Kaizo then arrived, crying that something bad had happened to the Student Council Room. To Gakuto's horror, Luke had turned the Student Council Room into a clubroom for his new Luke Club and he dubbed Gakuto the second member, but Gakuto refused to join as he was uncomfortable with the prospect. Throughout the day, Gakuto saw Luke trying to recruit members for his Club, including when he passionately defended Rush Dueling to the sports players. After school, Gakuto, Yuga and Romin eavesdropped on Luke through the door and listened to him laughing. They found him Dueling himself, and Gakuto was intrigued by Luke's new "Miragias the Fantastriking Dragon" card. Having seen Luke's passion, Gakuto told him that the Student Council would officially install the club as the Rush Duel Club and agreed to join, with Gakuto challenging Romin to a Duel.[30]

Luke received an invitation to a Rush Duel Tournament, and he eagerly signed the Rush Duel Club up for a Rush Duel Training Camp to prepare for it. Sebastian applied to be an advisor for the club so that they would be permitted to attend the camp, so Gakuto travelled with his fellow club members to the club's location where they met with Menzaburo, Nick, Sushiko, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club and Goha 5th Elementary's Dueling Insects Club, Gakuto trying to mediate the tension between Kaizo and Sebastian. Gakuto was quickly tired out by Luke's training, and exasperated at Luke's logic of taking it easy on Romin to make her impatient and hone her enraged state, though he noticed that Yuga had disappeared. Yuga returned that evening, having encountered Asana Mutsuba from Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, a club Gakuto had heard outranked their school's Student Council and who the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club had clashed with in the past. They were then interrupted by Romin and Sushiko arguing over the television remote, as there was only one television in the cabin. Yuga suggested they Rush Duel to see who got the remote; though Sushiko's tactics of restoring her opponent's LP impeded Romin's usual strategy, Romin eventually "awakened". As they Dueled, Luke turned the T.V. on to see an advertisement for the show Sushiko wanted to watch which was guest-starring Princess G, who Gakuto recalled was the guitarist who had given Romin her "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" card, and the distraction snapped Romin out of her enraged state. Sushiko was able to survive Romin's attacks and defeat her, before Nick came in with dinner for them all.[31] On the third day at the camp after everyone else had left, Gakuto, Yuga, Luke, and Romin were stranded at the cabin due to a massive trench that had been dug around it, and they were out of food due to Luke eating it all the previous night. Yuga sent Kaizo to get help from Sebastian and the manager, and Gakuto also pointed out that Ranze and Rinnosuke were on their way as well, but neither Kaizo nor the twins came to the cabin. They were finally rescued that evening by Galient Tazaki from the Heavy Cavalry Club; Gakuto asked Galient if he had seen Ranze and Rinnosuke, but Galient claimed not have. Afterwards they went to find Kaizo for failing to come back for them.[32]

Gakuto received a postcard from Ranze and Rinnosuke, who had gone on holiday to the hot springs, which he showed to Yuga, Romin and Kaizo after the training camp. Luke then arrived with their entry form for the Rush Duel Tournament, but was revealed to have accidentally entered them into the "Trumpet Duet Tournament" instead, much to Gakuto's shock, particularly as he'd sent a notice of entry to the school. Yuga suggested they enter anyway, so they visited the Concert Band Club to get instruction in wind instruments, though Luke exhibited uncharacteristic fear of the clubroom. They were then attacked by karakuri dummies, the members of the club, before the president, Luke's sister Tiger returned. Tiger agreed to help them if they could defeat her, so Yuga challenged her to a Rush Duel despite Tiger informing them that she had defeated Luke in the past. Gakuto was impressed by the efficiency of Tiger's strategy, though he was surprised by her passionate declaration that breathing was the most important part of martial arts. He praised Yuga's counterattacks, but was shocked when Tiger used the effect of "Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden", which could potentially sap "Sevens Road Magician" of most of its ATK, though fortunately Tiger failed to send the required card to activate the effect and Yuga was able to remain in the Duel. Yuga defeated Tiger, and she began training Gakuto and the others in wind instruments as she had promised she would.[33]

On the day of the Trumpet Duet Tournament, Gakuto and his friends went to the disheveled building where the tournament was being held, Gakuto carrying the group's instruments. As they headed to the room holding the tournament, Gakuto noted the building resembled a school, though he was surprised to find students from Goha 6th Elementary were Rush Dueling there and that the Trumpet Duet Tournament was really the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament", organized by former Goha 6th Student Council president Jango Arisugawa in the old Goha 6th Elementary campus. To Gakuto's surprise, Jango had an odd seizure that he explained was due to his body requiring cards to draw, and he explained how the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had kicked him out of the Student Council. Angered that his instrument practice had been for nothing, Luke challenged Jango to a Rush Duel to punish him. Jango's use of an ant-based Deck prompted Yuga and Romin to accidentally make several ant-based buns during the course of the Duel, much to Gakuto's exasperation, though he eventually fell into the trap himself. Jango's tactic of powering up his weaker ant monsters based on their numbers almost defeated Luke, but Luke was able to defeat him with the similarly inspired "Leather-Life Dragon".[34] After the Duel, the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club broke down the wall of the old Goha 6th campus, and Gakuto met the club's president, Asana Mutsuba, for the first time, becoming bewildered by her love of machines. Asana opposed Rush Dueling due to being a "modification" (something Gakuto noted angered Kaizo), so Yuga challenged her to a Rush Duel to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely, a challenge Gakuto and Jango noted that Asana could not refuse due to her school's traditions. Gakuto was shocked that Asana appeared to use Dragon monster, only to be corrected by Luke that they were Wyrms. Asana pushed Yuga into a corner, but Yuga was able to make a comeback, only for Asana to Maximum Summon "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm" and defeat Yuga. As the conditions for their loss, Gakuto and his friends were forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary, and Gakuto was reunited with Ranze and Rinnosuke, who tearfully explained that they had also been forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary, much to Gakuto's shock.[35]

On his first day at Goha 6th Elementary, Gakuto was exhausted by the school's traditional morning run and complained that it was inefficient for Student Council duties, only to be reminded by Galient that he was no longer a Student Council President, sending him into seizures akin to Jango's until Ranze snapped him out of it, reminding him that he was still the heir to Sogetsu Style. After school that day, Kaizo came to Yuga in disguise to inform him of something while Gakuto and his friends concealed the Drone, and Yuga suggested they challenge the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to a Rush Duel for the freedom to Rush Duel freely. Gakuto celebrated the notion of returning to Goha 7th's Student Council, but they were opposed by Galient and Chevelle Kayama. Gakuto challenged Galient to a Rush Duel, both to return to Goha 7th and to avenge Ranze's loss to him. Although Galient was able to damage Gakuto on his first turn, Gakuto was able to gain an early lead by combining the effect of "Fiendish Commander Yameruler" and "Shield & Sword" to destroy Galient's "Drilling Mandrill". Galient flipped "Yameruler" face-down to dispell its effect and Special Summoned "Shield Boring Kong" to destroy it and increase its own ATK, sending Gakuto into a seizure again, but Gakuto retained enough agency to change "Shield Boring Kong" to Defense Position to save himself. His friends praised his move, telling Gakuto that he was still himself even if he wasn't the Student Council President anymore, and Gakuto likewise thanked Galient for the Rush Duel that had reminded him of this. After Galient returned "Shield Boring Kong" to Attack Position and vastly increased its ATK, Gakuto Tribute Summoned "Fiendish Commander Semeruler", using its effect to Special Summon "Forgiving Immortal" and change "Shield Boring Kong" back to Defense Position, allowing Gakuto to destroy it with "Umekumi of the Fiendish Commander Squad" and defeat Galient with "Semeruler", also destroying Galient's Heavy Cavalry, GG03. After the Duel Galient left Goha 6th Elementary, but Asana refused to allow Gakuto and his friends to leave after discovering that Yuga and Kaizo had been placing Roads across the campus. To Gakuto's despondence, they were sent to the Abandoned Dorm, even further from Goha 7th, though Yuga explained he had wanted to be sent there to gain access to the mine at the dorm, which he believed contained the secrets of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[12]

While they worked at the mine, Galient joined them in their labors, having decided to start from the basics, though his carressing of his shovel caused Gakuto to realize he was in shock from losing GG03. As they broke for lunch, Gakuto asked Yuga what his plan was given all the high security, and Yuga reminded him that the security only applied to them, but not to Sebastian and Kaizo, who he had sent to find Nail to ask where Asana had received her Maximum Monsters while disguising Roads as them, though they had to stop the oblivious Luke from trying to get a massage from Sebastian. Later that day an alarm went off, causing the group to realize that Kaizo and Sebastian had escaped successfully, and Gakuto and his friends seized their chance to escape into the mine, using their Duel Disk lights to see in the darkness.[36] As they moved through the mine, Yuga revealed that he was using Kaizo's spare parts to trace their steps, a plan that impressed Gakuto, though it was to no avail as Luke had been thoughtlessly picking them up to make a monster. They soon began to tire, though fortunately Hunt arrived with Kaizo, having been sent by Nail to help them find a cache of prototype Duel Disks buried in the outskirts of Goha City that Nail theorized could explain Asana's Maximum. Hunt began sniffing around, which Gakuto recalled was how his excavation ability worked, and his sneeze opened an underground hallway.[37] As they headed down the hallway, Ranze slipped in a puddle, much to Gakuto's alarm, though fortunately Yuga was able to catch her. The hallway led them to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, where Chevelle and Trapigeon were waiting for them. An exhausted Galient was also there, and he challenged them to a Duel to prevent them from passing with his place at Goha 6th Elementary on the line, but he passed out and Ranze caught him, then challenged them in his place. After Rinnosuke accepted the Duel, Gakuto arranged for Luke to serve as his Sogetsu style attendant. Gakuto praised the skills of both the twins throughout the Duel, especially when Rinnosuke was able to end the Duel in a perfect DRAW, allowing Galient to remain at Goha 6th.[38] As there had been no victor, Chevelle insisted on another Duel, and Luke accepted his challenge as he felt responsible for falling for Asana's trap, though Gakuto found it difficult to bear his gullibility as Chevelle and Trapigeon continued to trick Luke. Trapigeon ended up Dueling Luke instead of Chevelle, and his Trap Cards quickly put pressure on Luke, much to Gakuto's concern. Fortunately Chevelle and Trapigeon began arguing after Chevelle made a move on his own and Luke was eventually able to snap out of his funk and Tribute Summon "Miragias and defeat Trapigeon due to Chevelle's prior mistake. After the Duel Luke continued talking in bird noises as he had with Trapigeon, which Gakuto and Yuga had to translate for Romin as they continued on.[39]

Gakuto and his friends finally reached the mine, where Hunt quickly uncovered a prototype Duel Disk. After Yuga and Hunt dug up enough prototype Duel Disks for Yuga to extract three Duel ID cards and add them to his Deck, Gakuto and Yuga discussed how Asana had likely created her own Maximum with Duel ID cards from the mine. Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club then arrived and she confirmed Yuga's theory, informing them that most of the Duel ID cards in the Duel Disks couldn't be used due to their age. Asana challenged Yuga to another Duel, agreeing to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely if she lost as she had when they last Dueled, but with the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City if she won. Yuga was barely able to fend off "Wurm Ex-Cavator", and Asana revealed that she knew Yuga was planning on using "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" against her and urged him to Summon it, though Yuga confirmed that he'd added the three Duel ID cards to his Deck and was gambling on being able to recreate "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road". To Gakuto's joy, Yuga succeeded in drawing and Maximum Summoning "Magnum Over Road", and Gakuto marveled at its size as Yuga powered it up and attacked "Wurm Ex-Cavator". However, Asana was able to make the ATK of their Maximum Monsters equal, and as they destroyed one another Asana and Yuga's Maximum cards began to disintegrate; Gakuto noting that it wasn't a surprise and ruling that whoever's Maximum was destroyed first would take the ATK of the other.[40] Both Maximums were destroyed at the same time, allowing the Duel to continue, but as Asana pushed Yuga into a corner with "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon", R6 began to break down and Asana revealed that parts for Heavy Cavalry were no longer manufactured. Gakuto realized that using other parts would count as a modification, which the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club forbade, but was mortified at by Luke's casual dismissal of the club's traditions and tried to apologize for him. Asana revealed that the Goha Corporation had offered to remanufacture the parts if she crushed Rush Dueling and attempted to defeat Yuga there and then, but Yuga was able to endure the turn and make a comeback with "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator". The sight of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club working together to keep R6 intact gave Gakuto second thoughts about Yuga defeating them, though Yuga still defeated Asana, destroying R6. After the Duel, Yuga uncovered a room that reminded Gakuto of the Road Laboratory containing R0, a mobile Duel Device constructed and modified by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery. The sight convinced the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to begin accepting modifications to their equipment, starting with Yuga repairing R6.[41]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Following Asana's defeat, Gakuto and his friends returned to Goha 7th Elementary, where Gakuto was mortified to find the Student Council room had fallen into disrepair while he was gone. As he and Rinnosuke began to clean the room up, they had to remind Ranze to join them. Romin then revealed that her idol Princess G had been fired by the Goha Corporation for speaking out in favor of Rush Dueling and remained despondent throughout the day. Gakuto came to see the younger students during recess, noting the entertaining clumsiness of Yuga and Romin's student teacher Gibumi Purisaki, but was shocked when Romin declared her intention to quit Rush Dueling after one last Duel with Yuga. Gakuto and Luke cheered Romin on throughout the Duel, but were consistently told off by her for doing so. Romin was able to make a comeback with "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" and insisted she didn't want to rely on awakening to win a Duel, impressing Gakuto. Defeating Yuga, Romin ran into the nearby room where she had heard music playing, and Gakuto begged her not to quit Rush Dueling, only for Romin to inform him that she had decided not to.[42]

One day at school, Gakuto, Luke and Romin learned that a Maximum Monster had been found in a booster pack and they quickly called Yuga over to inform him. Before class, Gakuto, Yuga and Luke discussed the notion that Goha could be accepting Rush Duels if they were printing official Maximum Monsters, but to their shock, Ranze informed them that she wanted to graduate from the Student Council and the Sogetsu Style. Gakuto told Ranze to explain her decision to him at recess, but also had to deal with the power-hungry Luke and Kaizo making a bid for Ranze's position. Ranze refused to give Gakuto answer as to why she was leaving, claiming she no longer had to answer him, so Gakuto challenged her to a Rush Duel to give her the right to graduate. Ranze kept Gakuto waiting in the dojo after school, but eventually showed up and mocked Gakuto as he was about to Summon "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", much to his anger. Ranze was able to prevent Gakuto from using the effect of "Yameruler" in combination with "Battle Commander Nandes" and continued to mock Gakuto as she pressured him with her "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzers" and "Flower Fang Orchid Lion Gajuumaru", unnerving him with her dramatic manner. Gakuto was barely able to remain in the Duel and Rinnosuke explained that Ranze believed herself responsible for Gakuto abandoning Sogetsu Style. Determined to Duel in a more distinguished manner, Gakuto brought out "Fiendish Commander Semeruler", only for Ranze to prevent him from using its effect as he had "Yameruler", so instead he Tribute Summoned "Demonic Hermit Vessel Icezark" and used it to revive "Semeruler", then use the effect of "Semeruler" to Special Summon "Takegumi of the Fiendish Commander Squad" and increase the ATK of "Icezark" high enough to destroy "Gajuumaru", defeating Ranze. Though Gakuto had won and Ranze had realized how she had misinterpreted the situation, she still left his service for her actions. Afterwards Yuga and Romin tried to cheer Gakuto up, but Gakuto was shocked to find that Luke and Kaizo had been abusing their perceived power to paint the school the color of "Dragias the Striking Dragon". After Tiger put Luke in his place, a girl resembling Noodle Sorako appeared on the school's videoscreens, claiming to be Sweets Kakoko and revealing the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, prompting Gakuto to wonder if Goha really had accepted Rush Dueling.[43]

Gakuto was eager to enter the tournament, though cautious over its purpose and frustrated by Luke taking it lightly. He was concerned over whether he or Romin would enter, but Yuga reassured them that he didn't want to enter the tournament, so both of them could enter with Luke. Angered by Yuga's decision, Luke almost hit him before running off, and Gakuto and Romin went after him. They eventually realized that Luke had likely gone to the Mutsuba mine to search for Maximum Monsters and found him there with the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Hunt and Goha 5th Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron. They all discussed Yuga's motive for not joining the tournament and theorized that he likely didn't want to prevent them from joining the tournament before entering the mine to search for Maximum Monsters. However their excavation ended in failure, and they reported back to Yuga in the Road Laboratory at the end of the day, who told them he would follow them in the tournament.[44] Gakuto and Romin later Dueled Luke over the right to name their team, but Luke defeated them both and chose to name their team "Team Luke King Luke Kings".[45]

Gakuto, Romin, Luke and Yuga went to Goha Stadium on the day of registration, where Luke began suggesting that Gakuto or Romin could still step down for Yuga. As Luke boasted, Gakuto, Romin and Yuga noticed a cloaked man in the crowd and pursued him, but ran into Mimi dressed as tournament mascot Goha-kun, who asked Yuga if the tournament had been his idea, inadvertently revealing that the tournament hadn't been Goha's idea. Luke took them to register, where they found Chevelle and Galient trying to register with Trapigeon as their third team member due to Asana's fever. Luke suggested that Yuga substitute for Asana instead, though Yuga was still unwilling until Otes arrived and challenged him to a Duel, cryptically hinting at the true purpose of the tournament. Otes overpowered Yuga with "Summoned Skull" and cautioned him against stopping on his Road and allowing Rush Dueling to become as static as Goha Dueling. Yuga was able to recover "Sevens Road Magician" using a new "Sevens Road", "Sevens Road Warlock", but Otes returned the monsters in his Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him from powering-up "Sevens Road Magician"; Yuga was able to instead increase its ATK with "Sevens Twin Burst" and defeat Otes. After the Duel Gakuto asked Otes what he had meant about the true purpose of the tournament, but Yuga decided to learn that by Dueling in the tournament, deciding to join Galient and Chevelle's team. Otes was then arrested due to his disqualification from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament and taken away, telling Yuga that his Road would always be in his heart.[46]

At the opening ceremonies of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Gakuto took note of Goha's attempts to make Rush Dueling seem like their product and that Mimi seemed to have become the new President Goha. To his surprise, Roa, Getta and Ushiro interrupted Mimi's speech as Team Roa and Getta and Ushiro, prompting Gakuto to comment on Roa's poor naming sense. Roa challenged Mimi to a Duel for the right to talk to the captive Otes, and she accepted his challenge, much to Gakuto's surprise. Gakuto was also surprised by the change in Mimi's Deck, which proved to be crippling for Roa's Tribute Summoning Deck and pushed him into a corner. Fortunately Roa was able to make a comeback, bringing out his two ace monsters, but then Tributed them for "Royal Demon's Death Doom", allowing him to defeat Mimi. To Gakuto's shock, Otes was revealed to have escaped, and Getta and Ushiro left Roa over his treatment of them. Chevelle and Galient then had to withdraw from the tournament as well, having been called to Asana's side by Caterpillio Zomyoji, so Yuga and Roa formed a team together, and to Gakuto's utter shock, they called Nail in to serve as their third member.[47]


Gakuto uses a Control Deck, spearheaded by his ace monster "Fiendish Commander Yameruler". His Deck focuses on the manipulation of Battle Positions and ATK/DEF values.[48] His monsters directly support "Yameruler's" effect to lock the opponent out of summoning high-Level monsters, such as manipulating "Yameruler's" Battle Position for it to be able to both use its effect and attack on the same turn, or returning it back to Gakuto's hand only for it to be re-summoned so that it could activate its effect again. Most of his monsters' names are word plays with Japanese expressions and/or consist of a "restraining" theme. Later Gakuto begins using support for monsters that have zero ATK, owing to his inclusion of high DEF monsters, including effects that allow him to swarm the field with Tributes or increase their ATK so that they can be used as supporting attackers.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 4 Lose
Romin Kirishima 11 Lose
Otes 24 Win
Romin Kirishima 27 Not shown
Galient Tazaki 33 Win
Ranze Nanahoshi 41 Win
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 45 Lose
48 unknown Duelists 45 Win (with Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo and Romin Kirishima)
Multiple eliminated Team Battle Royal participants 46 Win

Other appearances[edit]


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