Gakuto Sogetsu

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Gakuto Sogetsu
Gakuto Sogetsu
  • Gakuto Sogetsu
Japaneseそうげつ がく
Base蒼月 学人
Furiganaそうげつ がくと
RōmajiSōgetsu Gakuto
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationStudent Council
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
Sogetsu, Gakuto

Gakuto Sogetsu (そうげつ がく, Sōgetsu Gakuto) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the President of the Student Council of Goha 7th Elementary and the heir apparent to the Sogetsu style of Dueling.[1][2]



Full body view of Gakuto.

Gakuto is a tall boy with blue eyes and close-cropped purple hair that hangs over his eyes. At school, he dresses simply yet smartly in a sky blue school uniform with a white edge and black shoes. His casual clothes are more traditional Japanese clothing; he wears a sleeveless lavender kimono with a black collar and a black sash that has a blue line running down the middle, and a black mantle with a red inside and gold lining, held at the neck with a gold cord buttoned with green gems. He also carries a black fan when using Sogetsu Style.

Gakuto has also been seen in green-trimmed athletic clothes and in rugby uniform with headgear and a green belt for the non-contact variant of the sport.


Gakuto is serious-minded and assured in his righteousness, but also highly dramatic and energetic. He dislikes tardiness, having never been late to school.[1][2] He is so dedicated to preventing rule breaking that the mere mention of a penalty by Yuga brings him zooming over to lecture him, and when Yuga blows off his request for him to meet after school, he searches for him throughout the night.[3] Despite finding Romin Kirishima's behaviour suspicious, he balks at the idea of Rook invading her privacy, and he seems mortified at the idea of Yuga asking Romin to visit his laboratory.[4]

Despite his strictness, Gakuto means well deep down. Though he could have fled the Goha Corporation Drone in the Hologram Man's chamber, he instead assists Yuga and Rook in uploading Yuga's Rush Dueling rules and comes to respect them during Yuga's Duel with the Hologram Man.[3] He later happily explains the specifics of Rush Dueling to Yuga's friends.[5] Gakuto also dutifully undertakes a tremendous quantity of work as part of his role as Student Council President, even at the expense of his own energy. Though he was exhausted, Gakuto refused to put off his Duel with Yuga, believing that doing so would be like running away.[6]

Beneath his stern exterior, Gakuto is easily panicked, freaking out at the merest mention of breaking the rules and the prospect of even receiving a single penalty.[3] He isn't particularly good at making puns, and is completely tone-deaf, criticizing Kaizo for telling him such. When he realizes that he has been drawn into Yuga's antics, Gakuto has a crisis over how to balance his duties and the Rush Dueling he has come to enjoy. After Yuga convinces him to enjoy their Rush Duel, Gakuto stops holding back and Duels without the aid of Ranze and Rinnosuke.


Gakuto's name means "Blue Moon" and "Student".[2]


Gakuto can walk comically quickly, never moving from an upright posture when doing so. He puts this to good use when needing to swiftly retrieve Yuga's Duel Bicycle.[3] However, this backfires when he accidentally runs in the hall when in a hurry. He also seems to be quite athletic, easily dodging opposing rugby players while at the same time taking questions from the students.[6]


Gakuto heard Yuga Ohdo talking about receiving a penalty one day at school and he zoomed over to inquire as to why. After Yuga showed him his Duel Bicycle and explained how it worked, Gakuto was horrified to learn that Yuga had been penalized for opening his Duel Disk and proceeded to lecture him on them and he asked why Yuga even wanted to open the Disk. Yuga explained that he had been trying to install new rules, much to Gakuto's horror. Yuga claimed that his Rush Dueling would be something that could bring back everyone's smiles in such a strict Dueling world, but before he could explain any further, class started and Gakuto told Yuga to explain it to him after class. However, Yuga did not come to the Student Council's office, and Gakuto spotted Yuga leaving with Tatsuhisa "Rook" Kamijo. Gakuto searched for them alone without Ranze's help, eventually spotting Yuga's Duel Bicycle by a door leading to a basement where he found Yuga and Rook installing Yuga's new rules. He was shocked to see the Hologram Man standing in the chamber and horrified when a Goha Corporation Drone arrived and began counting down the timer before penalizing them all. After Romin Kirishima arrived, Rook deactivated the Drone and Yuga's Duel Disk began to run out of battery. Gakuto swiftly retrieved Yuga's Duel Bicycle and used it to power his Duel Disk, allowing Yuga to use Real-Time Duel Programming to install his Rush Duel rules. The Drone reactivated, with Rook unable to deactivate it again, and Gakuto, Rook and Romin watched as Yuga Rush Dueled the Hologram Man. Gakuto was amazed by the Duelists' ability to repeatedly Summon monsters and by the Hologram Man's use of the legendary "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Yuga was reduced to 1000 LP, and Gakuto panicked when he saw that Yuga had no cards in his hand, believing that he wouldn't be able to make a comeback. Yuga revealed that players in Rush Duels drew until they had five cards in their hand, and he Tribute Summoned his ace monster "Sevens Road Magician", increasing it to 7000 ATK and defeating the Hologram Man. Gakuto and Rook enthusiastically congratulated Yuga, and the Hologram Man told them that a new road had opened. To Gakuto's shock, his Duel Disk then transformed into the model that Yuga had used for the Rush Duel as his rules were installed into it.[3] Gakuto watched as Rook walked into the Hologram Man's dais, hidden by the hologram of the path (while he and Romin criticized Rook for his quick decision). Rook explained to them that the King of Duels dictated the rules of Duel Monsters and outlined an outlandish plan for him and Yuga to become Goha Corp employees and install Rush Dueling, much to Gakuto and Romin's shock.[5]

Yuga and Rook decided to Rush Duel the next day to settle their dispute over Rush Dueling, and Gakuto warned them not to go over recess time. Rook used his power to deactivate everyone's phones to prevent the Duel from being recorded, claiming he could due so due to being possessed by a devil, though Yuga suggested it was due to the Pauli effect and Gakuto explained what it was. As the Rush Duel progressed, Gakuto explained the rules to Yuga's friends, in addition to some basic rules of Duel Monsters to the inexperienced Romin. Although Yuga came close to winning the Duel with "Sevens Road Magician", Rook was able to hang on with 100 LP due to Yuga failing to assemble enough Attributes in his Graveyard to power it up. Rook defeated Yuga with "Rush Dragon Dragears", but Yuga revealed that he'd modified the Drone that had detected them yesterday and hidden it behind Gakuto to livestream the Duel, prompting Gakuto to fret that his account could be deleted. As Gakuto hurried everyone back to class, Yuga told Rook that he wanted everyone to enjoy Rush Duels, and Rook came to believe Yuga had let him win the Duel, though both Gakuto and Romin privately agreed that Yuga had simply lost the Duel.[5]

Rook asked Gakuto about Romin one day, as he believed she was working for Goha Corp. Gakuto was skeptical, but agreed that Romin knew oddly specific facts about Dueling and agreed to have Yuga use one of his Roads to determine if she was hiding something, though Yuga's Road broke inconclusively. Yuga then invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, something Gakuto was flustered by. They were greeted by the modified Drone, which Gakuto was initially nervous of until he realized that it was Yuga's. Yuga named the Drone Kaizo after it asked for Romin's autograph and showed them his Roads, though Gakuto wound up worrying over Rook after he was trapped in a hairstyling Road. Yuga convinced Romin to Rush Duel him, and Rook tried to look in Romin's guitar case after seeing her reluctance to part with it; Gakuto was forced to continuously stop Rook to preserve Romin's privacy. Gakuto also explained how Levels and Tribute Summons worked to Romin during the Duel. Yuga quickly pushed Romin into a corner, but she made a comeback with a card she had added to the spare Deck Yuga had lent her; "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", amazing Gakuto with its powerful effect. Romin explained that she had got the card at a concert and kept it in her guitar case as a good luck charm, reminding Rook of his mission. Gakuto was too late to stop Rook opening the case, though it only contained Romin's guitar. Yuga tried to make a comeback, but initially had a dead hand until he gambled on returning "Sevens Road Magician" to his Deck and re-drawing it with "Recovery Force", and he defeated Romin. Gakuto told Romin that the effect of "Prima Guitarna" was quite strong and noted that Yuga hadn't needed to use the effect of "Sevens Road" to win, though Yuga claimed that an ace should fight an ace. Gakuto then took Rook aside, noting that Romin didn't seem to be working for Goha Corp.[4]

One day after drawing "Fiendish Commander Yameruler" for his daily fortune, Yuga dragged Gakuto out of the office to help film a Rush Dueling promo video, though they ran into difficulties with the vocals when Romin refused to sing an Gakuto stated they could only sing the school anthem. After Gakuto demonstrated how tone-deaf he was, he returned to his duties, but accidentally ran in that halls and began having a crisis between his duties and Rush Dueling. Ranze and Rinnosuke convinced Gakuto to stay loyal to the Student Council, so Gakuto decided to interpret drawing "Yameruler" as a sign to prohibit Rush Dueling. Yuag suggested they Duel to settle the matter, and Rook added the condition that Gakuto would have to step down as Student Council President if he lost. Gakuto agreed, eager to settle the matter immediately, but he was inundated with requests from student that took him until the evening to deal with. Although he was exhausted, Gakuto still showed up to Duel Yuga, with Ranze and Rinnosuke assisting him so he could use his Sogetsu Style. Despite being able to Summon "Yameruler" on his first turn, Gakuto hesitated and simply Set a monster. Yuga brought Gakuto to 2000 LP in one turn, but Gakuto still hesitated to Summon "Yameruler" and argued with Ranze. Yuga began laughing, as he was enjoying the Duel and he encouraged Gakuto to do the same, and Gakuto took his cards from Ranze and Dueled himself. He brought out "Yameruler" and "Mountain Hermit Yur" and used "Shield & Sword" to set up his attacks, bringing Yuga to 300 LP. Despite the effect of "Yameruler" preventing them from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters, Yuga was able to use "Sevens Road Witch" to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" and defeat Gakuto. Gakuto honored his agreement and stepped down as Student Council President, thanking Ranze and Rinnosuke. However, he was instantly reinstated after defeating Rook in the emergency election.[6]

Gakuto noticed that more Rush Dueling videos had been deleted, and he and Yuga determined that Goha Corp were likely responsible. When they arrived at school, they were interviewed about Rush Dueling by the Newspaper Club; Rook volunteered to be interviewed. Yuga was confident that Goha Corp wouldn't be able to censor an analog publication so easily, though Gakuto was skeptical and Romin warned them that the Newspaper Club didn't have the best reputation. To Gakuto's fury, the article the Newspaper published insulted Rush Dueling, so Gakuto attempted to use the authority of the Student Council to have it changed, though Masaru and Nico refused to be censored. Yuga threatened to leak the paper to Goha and have it shut down, so the chief of the Newspaper Club, Bakuro Shinjitsu offered to Duel to decide the article contents. Rook accepted the Duel, much to Gakuto's trepidation, but he was eventually able to defeat Bakuro despite being reduced to 100 LP. The Newspaper Club released a new article that praised Rush Dueling, but also released an article depicting Rook lording it over his friends, much to Gakuto's displeasure.[7]


Gakuto uses a Control Deck, spearheaded by his ace monster "Fiendish Commander Yameruler". His Deck focuses on the manipulation of Battle Positions and ATK/DEF values.[8]



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 4 Lose


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