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Tatsuhisa Kamijo
Tatsuhisa Kamijo
  • Tatsuhisa Kamijo
OtherLuke (ルーク Rūku)
Japaneseかみじょう たつひさ
Base上城 龍久
Furiganaかみじょう たつひさ
RōmajiKamijō Tatsuhisa
  • Male
Favorite foodCurry rice[3]
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationRush Duel Club (founder)
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Taku Yashiro[2]
Kamijo, Tatsuhisa

Tatsuhisa Kamijo (かみじょう たつひさ Kamijō Tatsuhisa), nicknamed Luke (ルーク Rūku), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is Yuga Ohdo's schoolmate from the next class over, and the self-proclaimed number one Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. He first encounters Yuga while investigating how to become the King of Duels.[2]



Full body view of Luke.

Luke is a tall young boy with teal hair in a gear shape with three sideswept bangs at the front and red eyes. He dresses in a rougher fashion than most other characters in the series; he wears a dark brown shirt with a red pattern of a gear on a spoke, beige pants with a black belt, and black slip-on shoes with blue soles and straps. He accessorizes with a collar around his neck similar to that of Yuya Sakaki, a black wristband on his right wrist and a blue strap and a red band around his left, and a chain hanging from his right pocket. Luke also wears a metallic brown wristwatch over the red band on his left wrist with "GOHA" emblazoned on it in red letters and a hexagonal face. He removes his watch when he Duels to make room to strap on his Duel Disk.

In the past, Luke used various disguises to enter adult Duel Centers, including grey hats, thick brown jackets, and false moustaches. When he coaches his fellow Rush Duel Club members he wears yellow pants and a coaches' jacket with a red trim, and sunglasses. After being transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, Luke wears their uniform; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red. While laboring at the Abandoned Dorm, he also wears a white hard-hat and gloves, a white scarf hanging around his neck, and black boots.


According to his voice actor, Luke is hot-blooded, but generally a good person.[6] Roa Kirishima also describes Luke as straightforward and trusting, though this assessment is not entirely accurate. Luke is extremely self-confident, given his proclamation of himself as the strongest Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. He has a comedic trait of causing machines to break down around him; he claims that this is due to his soul being possessed by the devil.[1][2] Luke has a habit of gravitating towards whatever he thinks is cool. To this end, he often tries to project a cool and aloof persona, but he gets flustered easily whenever this persona is challenged or he faces something unexpected that disrupts his behaving this way.[6] His older sister Tiger in particular terrifies him to the point of hiding behind people in her presence.[4]

As a part of this cool persona, Luke tends to act dramatic, with long and complicated Summoning chants and attack names, and often assumes that matters are more complicated than they are: attributing his ability to disable technology to a demon and believing that Yuga let him win their Rush Duel to teach him what he wanted to accomplish with them, while later believing Arata Arai kidnapped him to make him a Dueling Superhuman rather than doing so by mistake when he was simply after revenge[7][5] As a result he is particularly scared by Ushiro Omaeno's ghost stories during their Duel.[8] Despite his suspicions of Romin Kirishima, when Yuga invites her over to his Road Laboratory, he quickly congratulates Yuga and is mortified when he is the only one to not bring her a gift before the RoaRomin concert she invites them to later.[9][8]

Luke can be quite perceptive, noting when Romin was spying on them and her unusual levels of knowledge of Dueling despite her denial in it, and later noticing Menzaburo Oomori worrying during his Duel with Noodle Sorako, though these events would seem to be the exceptions that prove the rule.[10][11] Later interactions with Luke show him missing the subtleties of Yuga's plans both due to his assumption that things are more than they seem and a tendency for general obliviousness. Luke is initially cautious regarding Rush Dueling, as he does not want the Goha Corporation to discover it, but he later comes to accept Yuga's wish to spread Rush Dueling across the world for people to enjoy. Despite this, he is still paranoid that Goha Corp are watching them (and justly so) and he is quick to suspect that both Romin and Mimi Atachi are spying for them.[9] Showcasing his resolve to stand by Yuga's desires for Rush Dueling, Luke fiercely defends Rush Dueling whenever it is insulted, even dismissing insults towards himself and briefly overcoming his fear of his sister when he believes she has insulted Yuga.[12][4] He even volunteers to entrust his Duel ID card to Yuga for a Maximum Monster, despite the fact that this would put an end to his dream to become the King of Duels, and he admits that he wants to see what lies beyond Yuga's road.[13]

Luke has a tendency to make outlandish and ambitious schemes, though these are generally ignored by his friends. He somewhat comically asks if Yuga is sure he wants to relinquish the title of King of Duels, but seizes on the opportunity immediately.[7][14] He believes himself to be the most important individual among his group of friends; this trait is generally played for comedic purposes and disregarded by his friends, and comes to believe Arata Arai went down the wrong path due to his actions.[12][5] Despite his dramatic speeches, Luke has some difficulty with English words; when he casts himself as a foil to Yuga, he refers to it as opening a new "daor" for himself due to simply inverting the characters of the katakana for the word "road". As Romin has noted, despite Luke's desire to become the King of Duels, he hasn't even considered what he would do once he becomes the King.[15] Once Yuga himself accepts the challenge of becoming the King of Duels, Luke begins to feel less confident in his desire to become King, rationalizing to himself that Yuga would surely grant him the title if he ever attained it. Afterwards, however, he continues to worry about it to the point of mentally crippling him during his Duel with Schrödinger Nekoyama. Once Yuga confirms that he would not give Luke the title however, Luke is encouraged to continue aiming to gain the title on his own merits, and he dubs his path his "daor", in an inversion of Yuga's "road" philosophy.[16]

Luke has a stereotypically large appetite; he is often seen enjoying food to the point of overindulgence, and once eats three bowls of ramen from the Tahayasty Restaurant, while still having the appetite for at least two servings of Romin's Dragias Curry. His appetite is known among his friends to the point that Yuga suggests making food for Luke as a way to apologize to him. When Luke eats at the A.I. Restaurant, he consumes dozens of plates of food on his own that totals a bill of around 666,666 yen.

Similar to Joey Wheeler, Luke has a somewhat "rude" speech pattern, eschewing honorifics. He also deactivates Yuga's Duel Bicycle without his consent to catch his attention more than once, and once tries to break into Romin's guitar case because he finds it suspicious, despite Gakuto's protests that doing so would be invading Romin's privacy.[9] He also later ate the supposed "last ramen" of the Tahayasty Restaurant without asking permission or having payed for it, though he did give thanks for the meal, and tends to be somewhat rude when demanding seconds. After Romin's spying was revealed to the group, Luke refused to talk to her even when she tried to apologize to him. Luke eventually drops his anger with Romin after she made the Dragias Curry as an apology, even if he still holds it over her head on occasion.


The kanji in Luke's proper name contain the characters for "Upper/Higher", "Castle", "Dragon", and "Eternity/Long time", in reference to his Deck and self-proclaimed status as the number one Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary.[2] His nickname, "Luke", can also be read as "Rook" in katakana, which is a chess piece in the shape of a battlement, in addition to how in shogi a promoted rook is called "Dragon King".


Luke using his ability to stop a Goha Corporation Drone.

Luke can cause technology around him to briefly stop working just by touching it. He seems to have developed some level of control over this, but he can only use this ability up to twice a day.[10] Luke himself believes that this is due to his soul being possessed by a demon, but Yuga Ohdo suggests that it may be an example of the Pauli effect.[7] Luke himself calls this ability "Luke Devil".[17] It is later revealed that this ability is connected to Luke's wristwatch, which he removes when he Duels. However, only Luke can use this ability; Yuga,Romin Kirishima, and Gakuto Sogetsu all tried and failed.[5]

Luke is also extremely athletic, easily dodging other players in sports and hitting a home run despite not being part of those clubs.



Luke and his sister Tiger were highly competitive in their youth, with Luke unable to defeat his sister in anything. He tried to defeat her in a Duel, but she defeated him once again and she asked Luke what he wanted to see at the conclusion of his battles, a question that Luke didn't have an answer for.[4]

Luke practicing in adult Duel Centers.

A year before the events of the series, Luke was given a wristwatch by his great-grandfather.[5] Soon afterwards, machines stopped working around Luke. Luke eventually learned to use this ability to his advantage, coming to believe that he was possessed by a demon and dubbing it "Luke Devil".[7][17] He used his power to enter adult Duel centers, practicing his skills against adult opponents and becoming the best Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. Luke would later claim that he had never lost due to the demon possessing him, though he did lose several times and simply never gave up.[7]

Luke learned about the legend that would allow someone to become the King of Duels. A week before the series, Luke discovered the Hologram Man's underground chamber and challenged him to a Duel. Although Luke was able to defeat the Hologram Man within the time limit, the timer during the Duel continued to run and gave him a penalty when it did. Luke repeatedly tried to pass the trial, but he was unsuccessful each time, and he eventually received all six of his penalties and his Duel Disk's account was banned.[10]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Luke meets Yuga.

A week after first finding the Hologram Man, Luke heard fellow student Yuga Ohdo explaining about new Dueling rules to Student Council President Gakuto Sogetsu. Luke was intrigued by the prospect, believing that the new rules could be an interpretation of a line in the legend of the person who would become the King of Duels, and also noticed Romin Kirishima taking photos of them on her smartphone. After school, Luke waited for Yuga outside Goha 7th Elementary and introduced himself, asking if he could have a word. Yuga claimed he was busy and tried to leave, only for Luke to stop his Duel Bicycle with a single touch. Luke told Yuga that he knew somewhere he could install his new rules, and he took him to the Hologram Man's chamber, explaining about the legend on the way. As Yuga worked to install his Rush Duel rules, Gakuto showed up and began berating Yuga, only to freak out at the sight of the Hologram Man, while a Goha Corporation Drone arrived, having detected the violation of the rules. Luke noticed that Romin was there as well and told her to come out, before stopping the Drone from working as he had Yuga's Duel Bicycle. As the kids talked and charged Yuga's Duel Disk using his Duel Bicycle, the Drone eventually began working again, with Luke unable to stop it as he had before, so Romin suggested Yuga use Real-Time Duel Programming. Luke was suspicious of Romin's claims that she wasn't interested in Dueling, and he watched in shock as Yuga decided to use his Rush Dueling to enter the program in time and his Duel Disk transformed. Luke was shocked that Yuga was able to simply Summon three monsters at once, but the Hologram Man Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on his first turn, destroyed Yuga's monsters, and reduced him to 1000 LP. Luke and Gakuto both believed that Yuga wouldn't be able to make a comeback against "Blue-Eyes" with a single card, but Yuga revealed that in a Rush Duel, players drew until they had five cards at the beginning of their turns, and he brought out his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", increasing its ATK high enough to both destroy "Blue-Eyes" and defeat the Hologram Man with one attack. The victory allowed Yuga to successfully install his Rush Dueling rules, and Luke enthusiastically congratulated Yuga. The voice of the Hologram Man congratulated Yuga as well, and Luke wondered if this meant that Yuga was the one in the legend. Luke and Gakuto's Duel Disks suddenly changed shape to become the same as Yuga's, which also deleted Luke and Yuga's penalties, as a path opened before them.[10] Yuga told Luke to take the path, but it was simply a hologram and Luke walked right into the dais. Romin and Gakuto asked what the King of Duels was, and Luke explained that they dictated the rules of Duel Monsters. He outlined a scheme to become employed by the Goha Corporation, but Yuga was tinkering with the Drone rather than listening to Luke. Luke asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret as it had the power to make one of them the King of Duels.[7]

Luke deactivates everyone's phones before his Rush Duel with Yuga.

The next day at school, Luke found Yuga and Romin telling their classmates about Rush Dueling, and he promptly dragged Yuga beneath his desk and warned him that they had to keep Rush Dueling a secret from the Goha Corporation to prevent their accounts from being banned. To Luke's surprise, Yuga explained that he wanted to let everyone enjoy Rush Dueling rather than use it for themselves. Romin suggested they settle their argument with a Duel, Luke believed that he'd win no matter the rules used as he was Goha 7th Elementary's strongest Duelist. Before the Duel, Luke disabled everyone's smartphones with his power to keep the Duel secret, though he was deflated when Yuga and Gakuto suggested that his ability was the result of the Pauli effect rather than a demon. Yuga only Summoned a single monster on his first turn, something Luke correctly deduced was due to a bad hand, while Luke aimed to defeat Yuga in a One Turn Kill with his two "Twin-Edge Dragons". Yuga was able to survive, so Luke decided to tell everyone how he had acquired his skills (despite no-one asking). Yuga came close to beating Luke, but failed to get enough monsters in his Graveyard to increase its ATK enough, leaving Luke with 100 LP. Luke promised to finish Yuga off for failing to defeat him and Tribute Summoned "Dragias the Striking Dragon", destroyed Yuga's Set card with "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", and destroyed both of his monsters with "Dragias", defeating him. Despite winning, the Duel had been livestreamed by the Drone that Yuga had modified, and Luke angrily asked why Yuga had done so, as Goha Corp would likely delete Rush Dueling. Yuga pointed out how everyone was enjoying it, and told Luke that he'd never stop trying to install Rush Dueling. Luke came to believe that Yuga had let him win the Duel to show him the correct path.[7]

Luke later found that Goha Corp had deleted all of the footage of his Rush Duel, and he deactivated Yuga's Duel Bicycle to tell him the next morning, worried that Goha Corp were observing them. Romin took another picture of them as she suggested they hurry to avoid being late, and Luke decided to look into her, though Gakuto only told him information he already knew. Luke suspected Romin was working for Goha Corp, so Yuga eventually agreed to investigate Romin too, and he tried using one of his Roads to determine if she was hiding something, though they were unsuccessful. Yuga then invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, prompting Luke to congratulate him. At Yuga's lab, they met his modified Drone again, who Yuga named "Kaizo", and Luke was subjected to a hairdressing machine. Yuga convinced Romin to Rush Duel him, and Luke noted her refusal to let Kaizo take her guitar case. As Yuga and Romin Rush Dueled, Luke repeatedly tried to look in the case, but Gakuto held him back to prevent him from invading Luke's privacy. Luke was distracted from his efforts when Romin Tribute Summoned "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", a card that Yuga hadn't put in the spare Deck he had given Romin. Romin stated that it was hers and that she kept it in her guitar case as a good luck charm, reminding Luke of his mission and he opened the case, though he only found Romin's guitar. Romin used the effect of "Prima Guitarna" to increase the ATK of her monsters and destroy Yuga's, including "Sevens Road", putting Yuga in a tough spot, especially when he didn't draw any monsters with enough ATK to beat Romin's. Yuga then used "Recovery Force" to return "Sevens Road Magician" back to his Deck, and Luke was impressed that Yuga was able to draw it again. He defeated Romin by destroying "Prima Guitarna" with "Sevens Road", something Luke noted he didn't have to do to win. Gakuto dragged Luke aside to talk with him after the Duel, and Luke agreed that Romin wasn't working for Goha Corp.[9]

Luke decided to make a promo video for Rush Dueling, with him and Yuga Dueling while Romin provided a backing track and vocals and Gakuto filmed. After Yuga brought Gakuto to the class however, Romin refused to sing and Gakuto left to return to his duties. Despite their difficulties, Luke and Yuga were able to produce a video that satisfied them, though they still wanted to improve the video. They brought a suggestion to Gakuto, but he stated that he would be prohibiting Rush Duels. Yuga instead suggested they settle the matter with a Rush Duel, and Luke leapt on the chance and added that Gakuto would have to step down as Student Council President if he lost, scheming to succeed him. Gakuto had to postpone the Duel until after school due to his duties, but eventually showed up to Duel Yuga. With Gakuto Dueling, Luke took up the role of explaining the game to Romin over the course of the match. Yuga was eventually able to bypass the effect of Gakuto's "Fiendish Commander Yameruler" by using "Sevens Road Witch" to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" and defeat Gakuto, who stepped down as he had agreed. Luke ran against Gakuto in the emergency election, but he was crushingly defeated and Gakuto returned to the position.[14]

Luke depicted in an article at his request, ruling over his friends.

Gakuto showed Luke and Yuga that more Rush Dueling videos were being deleted, and Yuga deduced that Goha Corp were likely responsible, so Luke attempted to call Client Service, though he had difficulty communicating with the receptionist. When they arrived at school, they were asked for an interview by the Newspaper Club, so Luke volunteered to tell them about Rush Dueling. Despite Luke's praise for Rush Dueling, the Newspaper Club published an article demeaning them and Luke the next day, much to his fury. They went to have the article changed; Luke telling Masaru and Nico that they could insult him all they wanted, but not Rush Dueling, but didn't make any progress until Yuga threatened to leak the paper to the Goha Corporation, prompting the Newspaper Club's chief, Bakuro Shinjitsu to offer to Duel to decide the article's content, revealing that he had been the one to judge Rush Dueling as simple. Luke accepted the challenge instead of Yuga, vowing to prove that Rush Duels were deep. He gained an early lead over Bakuro, suggesting that he could change the paper to the "Luke Paper", but Bakuro managed to limit the damage he took using Trap Cards. Bakuro was able to bring out three "News Flash Machine Toughroids" and place "Dragias the Striking Dragon" on the bottom of Luke's Deck, and Luke barely endured his attacks with "Dragon's Tenacity". This allowed him to shuffle his Deck and draw "Dragias" during his next turn, and he destroyed all of Bakuro's "Toughroids". Bakuro was able to revive one, but Luke Tribute Summoned "Dragias" and used its effect to attack twice, destroying "Toughroid" again and defeating Bakuro. Following the Duel, Yuga revealed he'd believed in Luke the entire time and Bakuro admitted he'd come to enjoy Rush Duels, agreeing to change the article. Having been inspired by their comments about him, Luke requested Bakuro make a picture depicting him ruling over his friends, much to their displeasure.[12] He continued to work with the Newspaper Club, starting a column where he would answer questions, but had trouble deciding on a title and had no help from Yuga and the others, as they were more concerned about the imminent closure of the Tahayasty Restaurant. Luke later went to look for his friends, finding Yuga Dueling Menzaburo Oomori at the Tahayasty Restaurant and helping himself to a freshly prepared bowl of ramen, unaware that it was supposedly the last bowl the shop would make. He was criticized by his friends, but the shopkeeper explained that he intended to keep his store open, and he offered to make more for them, though Yuga told Luke he'd had enough. Later, Yuga took Menzaburo to the Hologram Man's chamber to try and install Dueling rules of his own, but they found the chamber empty and the Hologram Man's dais missing.[18] Luke eventually named his newspaper column "Luke's Life Advice for All" and began answering questions, including from one boy who wanted to Rush Duel, but his mother wouldn't let him. Luke suggested the boy take care of his mother, wishing him good luck.[19]

A new student, Mimi Atachi, transferred to Yuga's class. Gakuto told them that the Student Council didn't know what school Mimi had transferred from, causing Luke to suspect Mimi as a Goha agent. Mimi approached them and asked to become friends with them, prompting Luke's suspicions, but they were pacified when Mimi offered them gifts to get to know them better; Luke was offered several chocolates. They took Mimi to the Road Laboratory, but she suddenly left, and Luke, Romin and Gakuto convinced Yuga to wait at the Laboratory in case Mimi returned, suspecting she would try to steal Yuga's notebook. Sure enough, Mimi returned that night and Luke caught her in the act of stealing the notebook, though Mimi claimed she had simply wanted to learn more about Rush Dueling. To Luke's surprise, Yuga offered the notebook to Mimi, but she refused to take it, so they decided to settle matters with a Rush Duel. Mimi's Bubble Era monsters both enchanted and confused Luke, as he wondered why Mimi had them. Yuga was able to defeat Mimi and gave her the notebook, claiming it would make her love Rush Dueling even more, much to Luke's exasperation. The next day at school, they talked about how to make Rush Dueling more fun.[20]

Luke joined Yuga, Kaizo and Gakuto to investigate the disappearance of the Hologram Man's Relic, but Kaizo was unable to find any clues. They went to find a vending machine due to the heat, but Romin had taken the last drink from the nearest one and they were blocked from accessing the other one by Yoshio Atachi, who claimed to have a grudge against Luke and called himself the King of Combat. The term's similarity to King of Duels annoyed Luke, and he accepted Yoshio's challenge to Rush Duel, stating he would regret calling himself the King of Duels. Yoshio used the "Beast Gear World" Field Spell Card against Luke, increasing the ATK of his Beast Warriors while reducing the ATK of Luke's Dragons, but despite his handicap, Luke was able to destroy two of Yoshio's monsters and deplete a large portion of his LP with "Dragias". Yoshio vowed that he would have Luke convince his mother, explaining that he was the one who had asked Luke for advice in the Goha 7th Newspaper. Yoshio had interpreted Luke's wish of good luck as the catchphrase of his favorite hero, Good Max, and had began dressing and acting like him, though this had horrified Yoshio's mother, who had threatened not to make his favorite napolitan spaghetti. Luke replied that he wouldn't be convincing Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel, as he'd win the Duel. Yoshio Tribute Summoned "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World" and destroyed all of Luke's monsters, reducing him to 500 LP, but Luke was able to Tribute Summon "Dragonic Slayer" and bring back "Dragias", vowing that he wouldn't be changed and would instead change the world around him. He used the effect of "Dragonic Slayer" to destroy "Beast Gear World", then destroyed all of Yoshio's monsters with his two Dragons, defeating and unmasking him. After the Duel, they enjoyed drinks together, Yoshio gushing over the Rush Duel. Gakuto pointed out that they still needed to convince Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel, and Yuga offered to use a Road, though Luke asked Yoshio if this was what he really wanted, and Yoshio declined Yuga's offer.[19]

After rumors spread on the internet of a dinosaur created by the Goha Corporation, "Gossie", Luke decided to search for it with Yuga, though Gakuto and Romin were skeptical. They used Kaizo to detect an adventurous spirit, encountering Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, who suggested they team up to look for Gossie. Luke spearheaded the search, bringing them first to the shopping district, then to Granny Setsuko after it was suggested Gossie was nostalgic for old things, though when Hunt Goto suggested Gossie was hunting, Luke visited Lassie in a panic, fearing she had been eaten. He almost ate Lassie's bone, but Romin tossed it away. Gakuto suggested that Gossie could be at the Relic, but Luke had to go to the bathroom due to all the fruit he had been eating as they searched. While he was there, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club entered and began talking about how they intended to exploit Gossie for money, much to Luke's anger, and he revealed their duplicity to his friends. Yuga offered to tell them where the Relic was if Kan Hakubutsu defeated him in a Rush Duel. As Yuga and Kan Dueled, Luke noticed that Kan and his friends were genuinely excited and Yuga confirmed that Kan's adventurous spirit was genuine. They revealed that Gossie had been seen at a construction site, and Yuga suddenly lost interest in Gossie, though Luke was undeterred and began supporting Kan as he still wanted to find Gossie. Yuga defeated Kan, but despite his wishes for them to stop looking for Gossie, Luke and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club went to the construction site anyway. To Luke's anger, "Gossie" was merely heating pipes and one of Yuga's Roads intended for noise cancellation. Yuga brought the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Hunt sneezed, revealing seven symbols carved in the floor.[21] They took photos of the emblems and studied them at the Road Laboratory over the next few days; Luke suggested one of them resembled "Dragias", but they were distracted by Romin leaving for the night. She gave them tickets to a RoaRomin concert that weekend at the Seven Hells Hall.[8]

Luke accompanied Yuga, Gakuto and Kaizo to the Seven Hells Hall, noting the building's disused nature and being spooked by something in the corridor. Upon arriving at Romin's dressing room, Luke was mortified to see that Yuga and Gakuto had brought her gifts while he hadn't, and despite Romin's protests he rushed off to find something, but wound up getting lost in the dark corridors. A strange boy scared him in the corridors, telling him of the spirit of a guitarist that haunted the area and took talented guitarists away before disappearing. Luke's screams alerted his friends after the light bulb went out, and they found him sitting in the corridor, though Romin had stayed in her dressing room. Luke was immediately worried she was in danger, and sure enough she had vanished when they returned to the dressing room, though Gakuto believed her disappearance to be innocuous. The concert then began, so they moved to the main stage where Mimi joined them in the VIP area as Romin's cousin and RoaRomin's leader Roa Kirishima made his entrance and challenged Yuga to a Rush Duel for the rights to Rush Dueling, intending to re-brand it and become King of Duels himself. Yuag agreed to the challenge, and Roa suggested a three-vs.-three team Duel, so Luke volunteered to Duel first, only to find he was Dueling the boy who had scared him in the corridors; RoaRomin's bassist. The bassist controlled the Ghost Story Duel, manipulating Luke's cards and inflicting burn damage, while terrifying him by telling him to look behind him as he told ghost stories about Seven Hells Hall. His control was so absolute that Luke's first turn passed without a single action from him. On his next turn, the bassist brought out his "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker" and combined it with "Dry Knock Sound" to destroy all of Luke's Spells and Traps and reduce him to 1200 LP without even battling. When Luke drew on his next turn, the bassist claimed he would use his favorite card to defeat Luke, as it shared his name "Behind You!". Although the bassist had brought "Dark Rooker" back to the field with 2600 ATK and reduced Luke to 300 LP, Luke had finally realized that the bassist had simply been saying his name their entire time; Ushiro Omaeno and that there was nothing to be afraid of; Ushiro himself lamented that no-one remembered his name. He Tribute Summoned "Dragias" and "Shocklead Dragon", combining their effects to reduce the ATK of "Dark Rooker" low enough to destroy it, defeating Ushiro. After the Duel, Luke told Ushiro that it had been a great Duel and that he would remember his name. Roa admitted that Luke had surprised him, though their next match wouldn't be so easy.[8]

Gakuto decided to Duel next, and Roa revealed that his opponent would be none other than Romin, who claimed to have been spying on them for Roa, much to Luke's anger. As Kaizo sided with Romin again and insulted Luke and Yuga for not suspecting Romin, Yuga revealed that he'd known Romin was a spy, something Luke attributed to his own suspicions of Romin. Gakuto quickly Summoned "Yameruler" and used its effect to lock Romin down; Luke subsequently believed that Gakuto would have an easy victory, though Roa claimed they knew nothing about Romin and that her skills had been honed by him. Gakuto reduced Romin to 900 LP, but she seemed to ignore her plight and played on her Duel Guitar during the Duel, prompting Luke to wonder if she was taking the Duel seriously. Menzaburo and his friends Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki then arrived to cater for the event, and Luke eagerly sampled their combined sushi and yakiniku, unknowingly driving Romin over the edge into a crazed hunger and she defeated Gakuto. As she celebrated, the Duel Guitar ejected a chocolate bar that fell into her mouth, and she returned to normal after eating it. Roa then announced that he would be Yuga's opponent.[22]

After Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko apologized to Yuga and Gakuto for their role in Gakuto's loss, Romin tried to warn Yuga not to Duel, though Luke was still furious at her betrayal. Yuga decided to Duel regardless, and Luke encouraged him to Duel as he usually did throughout the match, though he was angered when Roa dismissed Yuga's first turn as not being serious due to Yuga not using "Sevens Road Magician". Roa asked where Yuga had got the card, and Yuga revealed that the Hologram Man had given him the card at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament, though he had been disqualified. Roa suggested the Hologram Man had been disqualified due to "Sevens Road Magician" being an illegal card, much to Luke's surprise, and after a Goha executive intervened in the Duel, it was decided that Yuga would be disqualified if he drew "Sevens Road Magician". As the others began to doubt Yuga, Luke called onto them to believe in him, firmly believing that Yuga would never cheat and rallying them to look for information on "Sevens Road Magician" while he remained behind to support Yuga. Gakuto contacted the Newspaper Club, so Luke rang Yoshio to ask him to bring them to Seven Hells Hall once they had found something. Roa forced Yuga to draw cards several times in an attempt to force him to draw "Sevens Road", but to Luke's relief Yuga didn't draw his ace monster. Gakuto, Rinnosuke and Menzaburo then returned and admitted they had been unable to find any information on "Sevens Road Magician".[23]

Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but then the Relic emerged in the Hall and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club entered the room to examine it. Yuga explained that he and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club had investigated the emblems and determined they pointed to the Hall; they had expected the Relic to appear. The Hologram Man was projected from the Relic and he introduced himself as Otes, stating that he had chosen Yuga to become the King of Duels (and ignoring Luke's insistence that he had been chosen as well). Yoshio and the Newspaper Club then arrived with footage that proved Otes had been disqualified for being a Goha employee and that "Sevens Road Magician" was legal; Roa had been blocking the card's information on the internet. Romin then noticed Roa in the footage of the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament, and Roa asked Otes why he hadn't been chosen to be King of Duels instead of Yuga. Luke believed that Roa's underhanded tactics made him ineligible to be the King of Duels, though after Yuga claimed Roa still could attain the title, Luke suggested that he could as well (though his friends didn't believe so). Yuga and Roa decided to Duel for the right to the title, something Luke didn't believe Otes would allow, though Otes accepted the terms. Yuga almost defeated Roa with "Sevens Road Magician", but Roa negated the attack and brought out his own ace monster, "Royal Demon's Heavymetal", absorbing Yuga's "Sevens Road Witch" and destroying the weakened "Sevens Road Magician", though Yuga was barely able to survive. Luke admitted that Roa might be the strongest Duelist he had met, and though Yuga was able to re-Summon "Sevens Road Magician", Roa prevented it from activating its effect. Yuga was able to instead reduce the ATK of "Heavymetal" with "Sevens Road Mage" and defeat Roa. As Luke congratulated Yuga, Otes declared Yuga had only taken his first steps on the road to the King of Duels, and Yuga admitted he was becoming interested by the road to the King as the Relic returned to the ground. After the Duel, Luke interrogated Romin over the secret Roa was holding over her, which Yuga deduced to be that she was tone-deaf, much to Romin's embarrassment.[24]


After the Duel with Roa, Romin tried to apologize to Luke for her duplicity, but Luke refused to accept her apologies despite Gakuto's assurances that Romin had been blackmailed by Roa. After having three bowls of ramen at the Tahayasty Restaurant the next day, Luke later found Yuga and Kaizo walking through Goha City with Yuga's Duel Bicycle. Luke asked if Yuga wanted to Duel him, but Yuga instead took him to Roa Kirishima's apartment, where they found Romin, Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke. Luke wasn't happy to see Romin and was about to leave, but then smelled the curry rice that she had been cooking. Despite its blue coloration, Luke eagerly ate and enjoyed the curry rice, and was surprised to learn Romin had made it to apologize to him. Though he did not outright accept Romin's apology, Luke admitted to being moved and that the curry was nice and asked for seconds. As he was eating the curry, he noted that the color was similar to "Dragias the Striking Dragon" and suggested that it be called Dragias Curry. Hearing this, Romin tried to add more seasoning to the curry to simulate the more explosive second attack of "Dragias", but she instead flooded the entire apartment with curry.[3]

As Luke practiced drawing at school one day, he wondered why he felt like his dream of becoming the King of Duels felt out of reach lately. Gakuto suggested to Luke that it was because Yuga now wanted to become the King of Duels as well now, though Luke claimed Yuga would still bestow the title upon him, despite Gakuto pointing out Luke was just telling himself that. Romin asked Luke what he wanted to do as King, something Luke himself hadn't even considered until that point. Kaizo then arrived and claimed to have discovered where the Relic would next appear, leading Luke, Yuga, Romin and Gakuto to the harbor. They boarded a ship to an island the Relic was supposed to appear on, only to find they were onboard the Goha Fishing Elementary, which would not return to Goha City for a month. The ship's fishing nets then scooped up the Duel Bicycle in Robot Mode, causing the ship's captain, Nanami Maguro, to accuse Yuga of polluting the ocean and challenge him to a Rush Duel. Luke was caught off-guard by Maguro's use of the "Big Ocean" Field Spell, initially believing he was drowning until informed otherwise by Romin and Gakuto. Maguro's tactics pushed Yuga into a corner, and though Luke believed Maguro's ace monster "Hydrocannon Big Magurom" would be trouble, he was confident Yuga could win the Duel. Yuga brought out a new monster, "Lightning Bolcondor", and used it to reduce the ATK of Maguro's monsters and defeat him. After the Duel, Yuga learned that the island they were travelling to didn't exist and that Kaizo had been replaced with a fake, while a fragment of the real Kaizo remained in the Duel Bicycle and had tried to warn them they were in danger. The fake Kaizo escaped back to Goha City, but Yuga had planted a transmitter in it and Maguro offered to take them back to shore on a speedboat, a ride Luke enjoyed.[15]

Luke accompanied Yuga, Romin and Gakuto to follow the transmitter in Kaizo, which led them to the A.I. Restaurant.[15] Gakuto asked what they should do, much to Luke's confusion, and Gakuto had to explain that they had previously been banned from the restaurant, though Luke saw Mimi heading into the restaurant and asked for her help in getting them inside. Once they were in and Mimi had gone to the bathroom, Luke got carried away with the holographic dining room settings and consumed dozens of plates of food, believing they would be able to pay for the meal due to the 66 yen opening prices. To his shock the waiter drone informed them that the special had just ended and the full price would be 666,666 yen. Romin angrily accused Luke of only thinking of himself and causing trouble, while Luke reminded Romin of the trouble her betrayal had caused them. Luke ran off to the bathroom to relieve himself, getting the idea to suggest Yuga make a Road to change their bill back to the 66 yen price, only to find the others gone and Mimi at the table as clueless as him as to where they were. They looked through the restaurant for them, finding Romin about to Duel Arata Arai; Mimi urged Luke to step in as the situation was his fault, though Luke found himself unable to. As he watched the Duel, he noticed that Arai was cheating by swapping his Set cards out for his "White Foam - Bleach Motor" Spell Card and was pleased when Yuga eventually noticed as well, though even when pressed Arai denied his cheating. Luke believed he could use his power to deactivate the cheating function, but was still conflicted over helping Romin until Mimi pointed out she cherished Rush Dueling as much as he did and that she was his friend. Before Arai could cheat again, Luke stepped in and used his power to deactivate the cheating function of Arai's Duel Disk, allowing Romin to survive the turn. As Luke gloated over his helping Romin, she defensively claimed she hadn't asked for his help, but Luke's continued gloating eventually made her snap, and she furiously defeated Arai. After the Duel, Luke interrogated Arai, learning that he had seen Kaizo fly through a door that Yuga was able to open.[17]

Once they entered the tunnel, they were met by Nail Saionji.[17] Nail explained he was the overseer of Goha Duels and that he would return Kaizo's data if they could defeat the Duelists in the Garden of Providence, but if they lost six times their accounts would be deleted. They soon found the first Duelist, Schrödinger Nekoyama, and though Yuga was eager to Duel him, Luke decided to Duel Nekoyama. Luke quickly brought out "Dragias" and "Dragon Knight of Darkness", but Nekoyama activated his "Lost Cat" Trap, which would force Luke to guess the type of the top card of his Deck so his attacks could go through. At that point Luke remembered that he'd been worrying about whether Yuga would give him the title of King of Duels if he attained it, and he failed to guess for both of his attacks. Nekoyama further added to Luke's worries by citing Schrödinger's cat and the multiple possibilities of the Duel, and he forced Luke to guess the top card of his Deck again with his "Cat's Eyes" Spell; Luke's failure allowed Nekoyama's "Cat" monsters to attack directly and reduce him to 100 LP. Gakuto then asked Luke if he was worried about whether Yuga would give him the Throne of the King and suggested he ask Yuga now and clear the matter up. Luke did so, and Yuga informed him that he wouldn't give him the title, but he encouraged Luke to try and attain the title himself. His confidence renewed, Luke vowed to take his own "daor" and he Tribute Summoned "Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon" and used its effect to check the top cards of his Deck to allow him to ensure his attacks would succeed. "Dragias" reduced Nekoyama to 100 LP as well, but Nekoyama activated his "Lost Cat" when Luke attacked with "Bunker Strike", and Luke forgot which order he'd returned his cards in, but he vowed not to hesitate and successfully guessed the card type of his card, defeating Nekoyama. After Nail dropped the defeated Nekoyama down a trapdoor, Luke angrily challenged Nail to come out and face him, but Nail returned them to the surface and told them to return the next day. His confidence renewed by finding his own "daor", Luke spotted a light in the sky and declared it the star of the King of Duels, but it soon fell, much to his dismay.[16]

The next day, Luke discussed Nail with Romin and Gakuto at the Road Laboratory, before accompanying Yuga to the Hologram Man's chamber, as Yuga wanted to search for clues to the "key" that Otes had mentioned, though Romin had to leave. As Luke called Romin selfish, a trapdoor opened beneath them and dropped them back into the Garden of Providence, where Luke had Dueled Nekoyama. Nail then contacted them over hologram, and Yuga asked him if the "key" was in the Garden, though Nail denied it. Luke believed Nail was lying, though Yuga didn't think he was, and Luke tried to lead the way to Nail with his intuition. Unfortunately for Luke his intuition was completely wrong, as Yuga and Gakuto worked out that Nail's haven was likely under the Goha Corporation Main Office and followed the GPS on Gakuto's phone. They eventually ran into Getta Taira, RoaRomin's drummer, though Luke initially mistook him for Ushiro. Romin and Roa then arrived, having also been brought to the Garden, and Getta aired grievances he had with Roa mistreating him, resulting in Roa Dueling Getta. Luke was impressed by the strength of both Duelists, and he watched as Getta pushed Roa into a corner. Roa then sung a song to Getta about how he was his friend, before defeating him with "Royal Demon's Invasion". After the Duel, Nail dropped Getta down a trapdoor as he had Nekoyama, but Roa tried to save him, claiming he was hopeless without Getta and moving Luke to tears until Romin told him that Roa had called her to ask if Yuga would make a drumming robot to replace Getta, a fact that Luke blurted out and alerted Getta to. Getta subsequently swore revenge on Roa and fell into the trapdoor, and they were returned to the surface, where Roa parted ways from them and amended his request to a Duel Disk drumset.[25]

The following day, Yuga told Luke about the Super Rush Robot he had seen in his dreams, which he believed to be the key that Otes had mentioned. As Romin berated Yuga over his excessive number of Roads, Luke spotted the Lie Detectorinator and nostalgically recalled how they had used it when investigating Romin, though he accidentally spilled the other Roads on them. As Yuga showed them blueprints for the Super Rush Robot with Kaizo at the robot's crotch as a coolant system, Kaizo fled in the Duel Bicycle seat, and when Luke followed Romin after him, they found four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs. Luke was quick to try one, convincing his friends to do so as well, but they were then taken down into the Garden of Providence and confronted by another massage chair. Luke tried to sit on it, but the A.I. of the chair, Sebastian, swiftly ejected Luke and claimed he was unworthy to sit on him. Sebastian challenged Yuga to a Duel, swiftly Summoning three 0 ATK monsters, something Luke immediately realized was suspicious, and he was proven right when Sebastian destroyed all the monsters on the field. Sebastian lectured Yuga over the history of chairs and the worth of those who sat on them, topics which Luke pondered on. Sebastian combined his "Throne of Darkness" and "Dayu the Dark King of Chairs" to increase "Dayu" to 4000 ATK, worrying Luke, though Yuga was able to survive with "Curtain of Sparks". He countered with "Sevens Road Magician", but Sebastian returned it to Yuga's hand and merged it with Kaizo, then forced Yuga to pick it out from duplicates. Despite Sebastian's now mad taunts, Luke believed that Yuga would still be able to pick out the real Kaizo, and Yuga successfully did so and defeated Sebastian. Afterwards they were returned to the surface, where Yuga amended his blueprints to place Kaizo in the posterior of the Super Rush Robot.[26]

Yoshio came to ask Luke for advice on his essay "My Dream", and Luke suggested he stop thinking and find the answer during a Duel. They were then dropped into the Garden of Providence by Nail to Duel Number Six, though when they decided to have a game of Rock-paper-scissors to determine who would Duel her, Yoshio won the game, having been drawn into the Garden with them. Luke encouraged Yoshio to find his own "daor" during the Duel. Luke cheered Yoshio on during the Duel, though he was shocked when Number Six reduced Yoshio to 100 LP. Despite his situation, Yoshio resolved to make his "daor" the wish to dream as big as his mother did, much to Luke's approval, and he defeated Number Six. Yoshio's injuries caused him to pass out, and Luke tried to catch him, only for Number Six to shove him out of the way and catch him herself. To Luke's shock, Number Six was revealed to be Mimi, though his friends had deduced this previously, though they were all shocked to learn she was Yoshio's mother. They were then all penalized, as Mimi had been judged to be one of Yuga's friends by the system. After being returned to the surface, Mimi gave Luke coupons to the A.I. Restaurant as a bribe to keep her identity secret from Yoshio and apologized to them, admitting she had been happy to be called their friend.[27]

The next day they called their other friends to the Road Laboratory to explain the situation to them, as they were all affected by the penalties. For his part, Luke largely ate sushi rolls that Sushiko was serving them, adding that Mimi deserved having to Duel Yoshio for being a spy. Luke, Yuga, Gakuto, Romin and Menzaburo were then dropped into the Garden of Providence, where they encountered Advisor M, who told them Nail's haven was in the Gate of Providence and encouraged them to find it. After three hours of walking, Menzaburo's nose led them to Space House, a ramen store ran by Noodle Sorako, who claimed to be an alien, a claim Luke believed. After having some ramen, Sorako challenged them to a Duel, which Menzaburo accepted, prompting Luke to order seconds. Menzaburo gained an early lead, causing Sorako to shake with electricity, and she revealed that her UFO was powered by her LP and she would be unable to return home if she lost. As she made a comeback and pushed Menzaburo into a corner, Luke noted that Menzaburo was worrying about something, which was revealed to be whether he should choose the chance to go to outer space with Sorako, or forgo that chance by winning the Duel. Luke found his dilemma silly, believing he should always choose the Duel, but was shocked when Yuga admitted he would choose outer space, though he told Menzaburo only he could make his own decision. Energized by his new road, Menzaburo defeated Sorako, resulting in Sorako's mothership arriving to retrieve her. Afterwards, they resumed their search for the Gate of Providence.[11]

Luke decided to treat his friends to a meal at the A.I. Restaurant using the coupons Mimi had given him, though his power caused some technical difficulties, something Luke attributed to his devil being moody. Yuga asked Luke about the wristwatch his great-grandfather had given him, and as Luke gave it to Yuga to look at and praised Yuga's eye, a waiter Drone came in and splashed water on Luke's face, before taking him away to clean him off. Annoyed by the Drone's rough treatment, Luke threw it off, but was then trapped in a cage by Arai. Luke feared that Arai had kidnapped him to turn him into a Dueling Superhuman and decided to go along with his plan, challenging Arai to a Duel despite the Washing Club president's protests. Luke tried to escape the cage with his power, but found himself unable to, and Arai accepted his challenge. Although Luke quickly Summoned three Dragons, he avoided Summoning "Dragias" after remembering how Arai had looped his "White Foam - Bleach Motor" against Romin. To Luke's shock, Arai cheated more brazenly than he had against Romin using a technique he dubbed "Arai Angel", something Luke believed was due to his own actions and he tearfully vowed to set Arai onto the right path. Arai's combo forced Luke to continue to draw cards, then by using the effect of his "Cleanliness General - Big Tidy", he forced Luke to discard is hand and draw the same number of cards, causing Luke to realize that Arai wanted to make him Deck out. Yuga, Romin and Gakuto then arrived, and they all tried to use Luke's power to disable Arai's Duel Disk, but were unable to do so, so Luke decided to beat Arai with skill instead. He flipped Arai's second "Big Tidy" face-down with "Dragonic Disorder" to break his combo, then destroyed all the monsters on the field on his turn and brought out "Shocklead Dragon", "Bunker Strike", and "Dragias" to defeat Arai. After the Duel, Luke insisted that Arai make him a Dueling Superhuman, but Yuga instead asked Arai where the Gate of Providence was and tricked him into divulging the location when Arai refused. Although the door to the Garden of Providence in the A.I. Restaurant had been sealed by a lock, Luke used his power to open it with ease. Arai was then dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, and Luke told him to take the right "daor" from now one before joining his friends in heading for the Gate of Providence.[5]

When they arrived at the Gate, Luke advised caution in Nail's stronghold, though they were surprised to find a street of shops staffed by Drones selling items branded with providence. Gakuto suggested they take the opportunity to learn about Nail's providence, so Luke threw himself into the shops with initial enthusiasm. However, many of the goods the Drones sold differed from the normal, including sour candy apples and disgusting corn dogs. As they continued to experience the shops, Luke became more impatient with Nail's providence, but Yuga claimed he understood it, and they advanced into Nail's haven. They found the haven in ruins, which Luke initially believed to be Nail's trap, only for Gakuto to explain that the damage was simply Solid Vision. Nail and Sebastian emerged to greet them, Nail claiming that they wouldn't be able to have the Rush Duel that Yuga wanted as Yuga would be unable to win. As they Dueled, Nail explained his definition of providence; the source of all creation. Despite going to severe lengths to protect one of his Trap Cards during his Duel with Yuga, Nail's "Quantum Hole" only allowed him to draw cards, and hsi Cyberse monsters focused on this strategy too. Luke noted the strange names of Nail's monsters, and when Romin realized that the Levels of Nail's monsters were continually decreasing as they approached zero, Gakuto clarified that they were negative denominations approaching zero, or providence. Nail then Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree‎‎‎‎", defeating Yuga.[28] Nail explained that he had installed the Summoning method using a gap in the code of Rush Duels that Yuga himself had left in. Nail then returned them to the surface, warning them that they had two penalties now.[29]

Although Luke, Gakuto and Romin had promised Yuga they would work with him to discover a way to defeat Maximum Summoning, Yuga was not at the Road Laboratory when they went there the next day. Luke tried ringing Yuga's phone, though he only got the answering service, and with the three of them unable to find Yuga, they decided to look for hints on how to defeat Maximum Summoning on their own. Luke visited the Tahayasty Restaurant to ask Menzaburo and the shopkeeper about Maximum, but found no information. Eventually he realized that Otes was the most likely person who would know about Maximum Summoning and he headed to his chamber to contact him, finding Gakuto and Romin were already there, having had the same idea. Otes appeared to them after they had gathered and confirmed that he knew about Maximum Summoning. He agreed to tell them how to defeat it if they all defeated him in a Rush Duel, though he warned them that the system would penalize them all regardless of the results, as Otes was counted as one of Yuga's allies. Despite the risk, Luke, Gakuto and Romin all agreed to Duel, and Otes split in three to Duel them. Otes opposed Luke with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and reduced her LP with "Inferno Fire Blast", then after Romin Tribute Summoned, used "Black Dragon's Bellow" to increase the ATK and DEF of "Red-Eyes" and return "Inferno Fire Blast" to the top of his Deck, ensuring that Romin would lose on his next turn. Remembering the passion he had felt when Yuga had encouraged him to find his own "daor", Luke was able to defeat Otes with "Dragias". Gakuto and Romin won their Duels with Otes as well, and Otes congratulated them before vanishing, telling them that the hint to defeating Maximum was within them all along. As they considered Otes' words, with Luke taking them literally initially and examining his own body for the hint, they realized that all three of them had found the resolve to continue, and they wondered if this was what Otes meant.[29] Luke, Gakuto and Romin decided that Yuga's best chance to defeat Nail's Maximum was to install it himself, and they decided to entrust Yuga with their Duel ID cards to create the necessary Maximum Monsters.[13] They returned to the Road Laboratory to wait for Yuga, who finally returned that evening and apologized to them. Luke excitedly told Yuga about how they had all defeated Otes, and they encouraged him to accept their resolve and win.[29] Yuga was unwilling to use his friends' plan, as he didn't want to erase their accounts by rewriting their cards, though Luke reassured Yuga that it would be fine, even if it meant removing his primary objective of becoming the King of Duels, as he wanted to see what lay beyond Yuga's road. After Gakuto took out a Goha Corporation Drone that tried to penalize them for opening their Duel Disks, Yuga helped Luke eject his Duel ID card and Luke gave it to Yuga, telling him that he was counting on him.[13]

Yuga took his friends to the Goha Corporation Main Office to visit the Goha Duel Museum, though Luke initially believed they were there to visit the Goha Company Cafeteria. Luke marveled at the exhibits at the Museum, including full-scale models of legendary Duel Monsters and Duel Disk prototypes, and then spotted what he believed to be a model of Nail, only to learn that it was really Nail when Sebastian angrily ordered Luke to stop disrespecting Nail. Nail then made a disparaging comment regarding Luke's grades, something Luke mistook as praise until Gakuto informed him otherwise. Yuga challenged Nail to another Duel, and Nail told them all to enjoy the Duel Museum while they could still Duel. Yuga played defensively on his first turn, a strategy that Luke praised given their lack of knowledge of Nail's "Yggdrago". Nail began churning through his cards again, and he Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", taking them to the top of the Goha Main Office. Yuga tried to destroy "Yggdrago" with a Trap Card, but "Yggdrago" proved to be immune to destruction by Traps, which Nail explains was one of its three Maximum Effects. Nail used the second effect to destroy Yuga's "Bascule the Moving Fortress", an effect Luke recognized from when he destroyed "Sevens Road Magician", then used the final effect to change Yuga's "Stray Familiar" into Attack Position, though Yuga was able to survive the turn. To Luke's joy, Yuga drew their Duel ID cards on his next turn and successfully rewrote them into Maximum Monsters, but Luke was horrified when Yuga's Duel Disk couldn't handle the strain of Real-Time Rush Duel Programming. Kaizo then squirmed out of Romin's arms and indicated that Yuga should use his processing power to complete the installation, which Luke realized would likely erase the remnants of Kaizo. Yuga was reluctant to use Kaizo until he reminded him that beating Nail would return his original data, and after Yuga successfully stabilized the installation, Luke aided him in Maximum Summoning "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road".[13] Yuga used the effect of "Magnum Over Road" to increase its ATK higher than "Yggdrago", but Nail was able to protect "Yggdrago" from being destroyed and inflict the damage to Yuga as well, though the effect of "Magnum Over Road" protected itself from Nail's Trap. Nail powered-up "Yggdrago" on his next turn and attacked, though Yuga was able to negate the attack by returning "Magnum Over Road" to his hand. Before Yuga could re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Over Road", Nail returned it to his Deck, forcing him to hold out with "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch". Luke noted that ordinary cards likely wouldn't be enough to defeat a Maximum, and was proven right when Nail was again able to protect "Yggdrago" and restored his LP to 4000. As Nail told them that this would be the last Rush Duel after reducing Yuga to 100 LP, Sebastian reported that many other elementary students had declared their support for Yuga and also been penalized, prompting Luke to comment that they had more allies than they thought. Yuga was able to use card effects to re-draw his Maximum cards, but Nail returned them to the Deck again, though Yuga was able to draw it for a third time and Maximum Summon it. Nail reminded Yuga that his "Pair Annihilation" Trap that they'd seen earlier that turn was still Set, which Luke noted would inflict 4000 damage to both of them if Yuga destroyed "Yggdrago" and cause a DRAW. Fortunately, Yuga was able to power-up "Magnum Over Road" even further with the effect of "Magnum Over Road [L]", allowing him to defeat Nail. After the Rush Duel, Sebastian returned Kaizo to them, though Luke was exasperated at Kaizo's renewed fawning over Romin, and Nail revealed that he had been Dueling with five penalties as well and that his account had been deleted, though Luke's Duel ID was restored from "Magnum Over Road".[30]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Luke decided to create a club to serve as a mecca for Rush Duels, which he named the "Luke Club". Yuga, Romin and Gakuto found Luke in the Student Council Room after he'd decorated it with Dragon memorabilia, but to Luke's shock they all refused to join and left. Luke wasn't discouraged, visiting the Newspaper Club and Yoshio in the Post-Apocalyptic Club to recruit them for the Luke Club, while also reaching out to students in other clubs, impressing the members of the Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer Clubs with his athletic skills, but misunderstanding their admiration for desire to teach them how to Rush Duel. They all turned him down, expressing dislike of a solitary game over their team sports, and Luke angrily admonished them for such thinking that way, declaring that the monsters in his Deck were his teammates. No-one came to the Luke Club, so Luke started activities by himself, Dueling against himself but finding himself crying when he picked up the "Gravity Press Dragon" he'd dropped. To Luke's shock, he suddenly found himself Dueling a dark doppelganger of himself that claimed to be him, though Luke initially believed it to be the devil inside him, and it claimed that the loser would vanish. The dark Luke brought out "Dragias the Striking Dragon" and "Dragon Knight of Darkness", reducing Luke to 900 LP. Luke prepared to Summon "Dragias" himself on his next turn, but to his surprise he had a monster he'd never seen before; "Miragias the Fantastriking Dragon", which he used to win the Duel. After the Duel, Luke saw "Miragias" and thanked it, welcoming it to his Deck. Yuga, Romin and Gakuto then came in, asking about "Miragias", and Yuga challenged Luke to a Rush Duel, while Gakuto offered to have the Student Council certify the club, though he changed the name to "Rush Duel Club".[31]

As he was air Dueling in the park one day, a pigeon delivered an invitation to the Rush Duel Tournament to Luke, and he immediately signed the Rush Duel Club up for a Rush Duel Training Camp to prepare for it. As they required an advisor to participate in the camp, Sebastian was assigned to them, explaining that Nail had tasked him with being their advisor. After they met with Menzaburo, Sushiko, Nick, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club and the Dueling Insects Club, Luke quickly started training his fellow club members, allowing Romin to take a break in an attempt to hone her periods of rage, though Yuga eventually disappeared. Yuga returned that night, having encountered Asana Mutsuba from Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, but as he was discussing her with Luke, Gakuto and the Dueling and Dinosaur Club, they were interrupted by Romin and Sushiko arguing over the television remote, as Sushiko wanted to watch Itamae's Case Files, a show Luke himself watched. At Yuga's suggestion, Romin and Sushiko Rush Dueled for the remote, while Luke looked up the hint for the day's show and turned the T.V. on to watch an ad for it, learning that Princess G, the guitarist who had given Romin her "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" card, snapping Romin out of her rage. Sushiko defeated Romin, so Luke promptly put Itamae's Case Files on, explaining to them that he watched it as well before Nick came in with dinner for them all.[32] Menzaburo and his friends left on the second night, so Luke wound up eating all the food in the cabin and causing Sebastian and the camp manager to leave for the administration building. The next morning Luke, Yuga, Romin, and Gakuto were stranded at the cabin due to a massive trench that had been dug around it, and Luke selectively forgot that he had eaten it all the previous night, much to Romin's anger. Yuga sent Kaizo to get help from Sebastian and the manager, and Gakuto also pointed out that Ranze and Rinnosuke were on their way as well, but neither Kaizo nor the twins came to the cabin. They were finally rescued that evening by Galient Tazaki from the Heavy Cavalry Club, and afterwards they went to find Kaizo for failing to come back for them.[33]

After the camp, the Rush Duel Club's entry form for the Rush Duel Tournament arrived, but when Luke took it to show Yuga, Gakuto and Romin, they realized that it was actually a form for the "Trumpet Duet Tournament", something that took Luke a while to understand and earned him the ire of Romin and Gakuto. Yuga suggested they enter the Trumpet Duet anyway, a sentiment Gakuto and Sebastian agreed with given the club had already submitted an entry notice, so they decided to seek help from the Concert Band Club. Fearing the wrath of his sister, Luke was unwilling to go to the club and tried to convince his friends to leave before Tiger returned to the club, but it was to no avail as Tiger's club members attacked them before Tiger returned. Luke hid behind Yuga as they explained the situation to Tiger, constantly misinterpreting Tiger's insults towards him as jabs at Yuga and responding aggressively, only to be corrected by the girls at every turn. Tiger agreed to help them if they could defeat her, so Yuga challenged her to a Rush Duel despite Luke's warning. Luke hid behind Sebastian during the Duel, and after Tiger pushed Yuga into a corner, she asked him what conclusion he wanted to reach at the end of his road, the same question she had asked Luke in their childhood. Luke believed that the title of "King of Duels" was Yuga's answer, only to be caught off-guard when Yuga reaffirmed that smiles was still his goal. Yuga was able to defeat Tiger, and Luke celebrated his friend's win, believing that he had finally defeated his sister in something as he had defeated Yuga himself, only to be shouted into the wall for not using his sister's nickname.[4] Tiger then began training them in wind instruments, a process that Luke found particularly hellish, and he decided to specialize in the trombone for the Trumpet Duet Tournament.[4][34]

On the day of the Trumpet Duet Tournament, Luke and his friends went to the dilapidated building the tournament was to be held in, a location Luke believed to be perfect for letting them make as much noise as they wanted. To their surprise, the building was full of people Rush Dueling who recognized Yuga (though Luke initially believed they were recognizing him). The tournament organizer, former Goha 6th Student Council president Jango Arisugawa, explained that the tournament was really the Dark Rush Duel Tournament and was being held at the old Goha 6th campus; "Trumpet Duet" had simply been to disguise the true nature of the tournament from the public. As he explained the traumatic seizures he had developed from being defeated by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club and how he needed to regularly draw to soothe them, Luke became angrier and angrier that his training had been wasted and he challenged Jango to a Rush Duel, which Jango accepted, believing Luke to be at Yuga's level. Jango used an ant Deck, something Luke believed his dragons would be able to easily defeat, though he had to refuse Jango's request to draw his cards for him. He brought out "Fire Guardian", but Jango destroyed it with his "Gi-Ant Revolution" Trap, leaving Luke wide open. Luke was able to Special Summon "Attack Volcano Dragon" to defend himself after Jango Tribute Summoned "Antbellion of the Rebellion", though he was only barely able to survive Jango increasing the ATK of all his 100 ATK ants. On his next turn, Luke Tribute Summoned "Leather-Life Dragon", using its similar effect to maximize its ATK and prevent it from being destroyed by Jango's other "Gi-Ant Revolution", defeating him. His anger subsided, Luke offered Jango a hand up after the Duel, reassuring him that he'd put up a good fight.[34]

Before they could start the tournament properly, the wall of the old campus was broken down by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, led by Asana Mutsuba, Galient and Chevelle Kayama.[34][35] Yuga and Asana greeted one another politely, though Luke was more interested in Chevelle's pigeon Trapigeon. After Asana had the old campus demolished, citing the modified Rush Duels as an offense to Goha Duels, Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely. Asana pushed Yuga into a corner with her Wyrm monsters, which Luke identified to Gakuto and Romin as differing from his Dragon monsters, though as Yuga made a comeback Luke was still bothered by Trapigeon. He finally realized that Trapigeon had delivered him the invitation to the Dark Rush Duel Tournament in the first place, and he tried to warn Yuga that the Duel was a trap, but was too late, as Asana Maximum Summoned "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm" and defeated Yuga. As a result of Yuga's loss, Luke and his friends had to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary along with Ranze and Rinnosuke, who had previously been defeated by Galient and forced to transfer as well.[35]

On his first day at Goha 6th Elementary, Luke was exhausted by the school's traditional morning run. Afterwards, he and Yuga noted that Asana had planned to transfer the to the school and they speculated as to where Asana had obtained Maximum Monsters, which Luke theorized had been excavated by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. After school that day, Kaizo came to Yuga in disguise to inform him of something while Luke and his friends concealed the Drone, and Yuga suggested they challenge the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to a Rush Duel for the freedom to Rush Duel freely. Gakuto challenged Galient to a Rush Duel, both to return to Goha 7th and to avenge Ranze's loss to him. Although Galient was able to damage Gakuto on his first turn, Gakuto was able to gain an early lead with "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", though Galient in turn made a comeback by flipping "Yameruler" face-down to dispel its effect and Special Summoning "Shield Boring Kong" to destroy it and increase its own ATK. Fortunately, Gakuto was able to block the attack of Shield Boring Kong", something that prompted Luke and Yuga to agree that Gakuto was Gakuto even if he wasn't the Student Council President anymore, and Gakuto defeated Galient with "Fiendish Commander Semeruler", also destroying Galient's Heavy Cavalry, GG03. After the Duel Galient reminisced on how he had helped raise Asana and he left Goha 6th Elementary, but Asana refused to allow Luke and his friends to leave after discovering that Yuga and Kaizo had been placing Roads across the campus. Asana sent them to the Abandoned Dorm, though Yuga explained he had wanted to be sent there to gain access to the mine at the dorm due to Luke's theory, which he believed contained the secrets of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[36]

While they worked at the mine, Galient joined them in their labors, having decided to start from the basics, cautioning Luke to be careful with his shovel. When they broke for lunch, the oblivious Luke tried to get a massage from Sebastian, and had to be restrained by his friends as Sebastian and Kaizo had secretly been sent to ask Nail where Asana had obtained her Maximum Monsters. Later that day an alarm went off, causing the group to realize that Kaizo and Sebastian had escaped successfully, and Luke and his friends seized their chance to escape into the mine, using their Duel Disk lights to see in the darkness.[37] As they moved through the mine, Luke idly picked up metal fragments he found on the ground to make a monster, only to learn Yuga had been dropping them to keep track of their trail and earning Romin's ire. They soon began to tire, though fortunately Hunt arrived with Kaizo, having been sent by Nail to help them find a cache of prototype Duel Disks buried in the outskirts of Goha City that Nail theorized could explain Asana's Maximum. Hunt began sniffing around, which Gakuto recalled was how his excavation ability worked, and his sneeze opened an underground hallway.[38]

The hallway led them to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, where Chevelle, Trapigeon, and an exhausted Galient were waiting for them. Galient challenged them to a Duel to prevent them from passing with his place at Goha 6th Elementary on the line, but he passed out and Ranze caught him, then challenged them in his place. Luke wanted to Duel Ranze both due to her betrayal and his guilt over falling for Chevelle's trap, but Rinnosuke accepted the Duel, and Gakuto arranged for Luke to serve as his Sogetsu style attendant. Although Luke kept forgetting Rinnosuke was Dueling and not him, he was impressed by both the Nanahoshi twins' Dueling skills, especially when Rinnosuke was able to end the Duel in a perfect DRAW, allowing Galient to remain at Goha 6th.[39] As there had been no victor, Chevelle insisted on another Duel, and Luke accepted his challenge, still feeling responsible for falling for Asana's trap, but also being quick to fall for Chevelle and Trapigeon's childish pranks before their Duel even began. Instead of Chevelle, Luke ended up Dueling Trapigeon, with Chevelle playing his cards for him, though Luke didn't care who he Dueled. Trapigeon began with two Normal Monsters and three Set cards, prompting Luke to note that the pigeon really could Duel. Although Luke was able to Summon both "Shocklead Dragon" and "Ancient Arise Dragon" and briefly play through Trapigeon's Traps, Trapigeon's final Trap lowered the ATK of "Ancient Arise Dragon" enough to force a Double KO with his "Tyhone", much to Luke's dismay. Trapigeon brought out "Phantom Dove Night Vision" on his next turn to destroy "Shocklead Dragon" and Set three more Traps, reducing Luke to a nervous wreck as he now fearing making a move that would spring Trapigeon's Traps, especially after Summoning a monster allowed Chevelle to revive another "Night Vision". Although Trapigeon was angry with Chevelle over the move, Luke was too worried over the Traps to notice, eventually seeing Yuga talking about how one of his friends wanted to become the King of Duels and suggesting that Trap Cards were actually fun, as there was no way to know what would happen next. Remembering his dream and snapping out of his funk, Luke Tribute Summoned "Miragias", though Trapigeon switched it to Defense Position with his "Heartbreak Look" Trap. Regardless, Luke still used the effect of "Miragias" to reduce the ATK of Trapigeon's "Night Visions", before Summoning "Disjerky Dragon" to swap out "Miragias" with itself, allowing Luke to re-use the effect of "Miragias" and reduce the ATK of the "Night Visions" to zero. Enjoying the challenge posed by the Traps, Luke told the arguing Chevelle and Trapigeon to stick around as communicated with Trapigeon with bird noises, attacking twice with "Miragias" to defeat Trapigeon. After Chevelle rescued Trapigeon from the impact of Luke's attack, Luke continued speaking in bird noises as they left the room, with Yuga and Gakuto translating for a confused Romin that Luke was eager to continue and find what lay ahead.[40]

Luke returned to speaking normally by the time they finally reached the mine, where Hunt quickly uncovered a prototype Duel Disk. After Yuga and Hunt dug up enough prototype Duel Disks for Yuga to extract three Duel ID cards and add them to his Deck, Luke began trying to find more with Hunt as Yuga explained that Asana had likely created her own Maximum with Duel ID cards from the mine. Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club then arrived and she confirmed Yuga's theory, angering Luke that she had kept the mine for the club and he tried to court favor with her, only to be told that most of the Duel ID cards in the Duel Disks couldn't be used due to their age. Asana challenged Yuga to another Duel, agreeing to allow the students of Goha 6th Elementary to Rush Duel freely if she lost as she had when they last Dueled, but with the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City if she won. Yuga was barely able to fend off "Wurm Ex-Cavator", though Luke was confident that he could endure the Maximum. To Luke's surprise, Asana revealed that she knew Yuga was planning on using "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" against her and urged him to Summon it, though Yuga confirmed that he'd added the three Duel ID cards to his Deck and was gambling on being able to recreate "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road". To Luke's joy, Yuga succeeded in drawing and Maximum Summoning "Magnum Over Road", and Luke cheered its return as Yuga powered it up and attacked "Wurm Ex-Cavator". However, Asana was able to make the ATK of their Maximum Monsters equal, and as they destroyed one another, Asana's Maximum cards began to disintegrate, and Luke was the first to notice that Yuga's were as well; Gakuto ruling that whoever's Maximum was destroyed first would take the ATK of the other.[41] The two Maximum Monsters destroyed each other at the same time, much to Luke's horror, and he desperately tried to gather the scattered fragments of the cards. Asana pushed Yuga into a corner with "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon", but R6 began breaking down as the parts to fix it were no longer manufactured and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club refused to modifiy their machines to fix them, a philosophy that Luke dismissed as weird hang-ups. Asana revealed that the Goha Corporation had promised to remanufacture the parts if she won and tried to defeat Yuga, but he was able to survive and make a comeback with "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator". As Yuga prepared to defeat Asana, the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club banded together to prevent R6 from breaking down and though Luke believed they had to win the Duel to become the King of Duels, he wondered if Yuga would still go through with his attack. After Yuga defeated Asana and R6 was destroyed, Yuga revealed R0, a mobile Duel Device created and modified by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery that convinced the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to allow Yuga to repair and modify their equipment.[42]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Following Asana's defeat, Luke and his friends returned to Goha 7th Elementary, where Gakuto was mortified to find the Student Council room had fallen into disrepair while he was gone. As Luke and Yuga helped clean the room up, Romin revealed that Princess G had been fired by the Goha Corporation for speaking out in favor of Rush Dueling and remained despondent throughout the day. Luke came to see Yuga and Romin's student teacher Gibumi Purisaki during recess and quickly deduced she was Princess G, noting her similar grip of a tennis racket and the tuna she had carried on Itamae's Case Files, but was shocked when Romin declared her intention to quit Rush Dueling after one last Duel with Yuga. Luke and Gakuto cheered Romin on throughout the Duel, but were consistently told off by her for doing so. Romin was able to make a comeback with "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" and Luke was shocked that she hadn't awoken as she usually did; Romin insisted she didn't want to rely on awakening to win a Duel. Defeating Yuga, Romin explained that she had decided not to quit Rush Dueling after all.[43]

Luke, Romin and Gakuto learned that a Maximum Monster had been found in a booster pack, and before class Luke, Gakuto and Yuga discussed the notion of the Goha Corporation accepting Rush Dueling, only to be informed by Ranze that she was graduating from the Student Council. As he had been the runner-up for Student Council President in the previous election, Luke made a power grab for Ranze's former position with Kaizo and took advantage of his newfound influence to paint Goha 7th Elementary the color of "Dragias the Striking Dragon" in a celebration of his new position as the Newspaper Club interviewed him. After school Gakuto confronted him, but to Luke's terror his sister arrived and after he forgot to use her nickname again she yelled him and Kaizo into a wall.[44]


Luke uses a Dragon Deck, spearheaded by his ace monster "Dragias the Striking Dragon". His Deck focuses on an aggressive style of play, revolving around destroying his opponent's cards and declaring multiple attacks with his monsters during the same Battle Phase. Several of his Dragon monsters have more varied appearances than normal Dragons. His other high-Level Dragons generally have effects that he uses in tandem with "Dragias" to make the best use of its effect and inflict as much damage as possible.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Haruka Kamijo 30 Lose (flashback)
Hologram Man 1 Win (six times)
Yuga Ohdo 2 Win
Bakuro Shinjitsu 5 Win
Yoshio Atachi 8 Win
Ushiro Omaeno 10 Win
Schrödinger Nekoyama 17 Win
Arata Arai 22 Win
Otes 24 Win
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 27 Win
Yuga Ohdo 27 Not shown
Jango Arisugawa 31 Win
Chevelle Kayama/Trapigeon 37 Win
Braun Honya 42 Win

Other appearances[edit]


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